Zombie Author Robert Kirkman

Zombie Author Robert Kirkman

Rober Kirkman is the author of

The Walking Dead, Compendium One

The Walking Dead, Compendium Two

The Walking Dead Comics

The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor

The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury

The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor, Part One

The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor, Part Two

About Robert Kirkman

Robert Kirkman resides in Kentucky with his wife and son. Currently at work on a number of projects, he spends a good deal of time in San Diego and Los Angeles.

Robert Kirkman became a partner at Image Comics in 2008, and has also launched his own imprint, Skybound Comics.

He has no illusions about his own potential survival in a zombie apocalypse:
“I’m overweight, I’m not very healthy, I’m gonna be very slow..it’s going to be a slow painful death for me.” (G4 TV)
In many interviews, Kirkman thanks Jim Valentino for his mentorship and support.
"...Jim Valentino was a very strong force early on in my career. He had given me advice on other things that greatly helped my books."
Robert Kirkman hasn't lost sight of his beginnings:
"I've been lucky enough to befriend a lot of my heroes from when I was growing up reading comics," Kirkman says. "I never really lose sight of just how weird that is, like, 'Wow, this is my life now and that guy who drew that poster that was on my wall when I was 14 is hanging out with me at this park while our kids swing.' " (USA Today)

What Makes Robert Kirkman Unique?

Robert Kirkman hadR a little trouble selling The Walking Dead to his publisher. Originally, his really the work of aliens, as a form of warfare against humanity.  It worked.  As Subculture for the Cultured reports:

"Executives at Image didn’t think the whole zombie angle had quite enough punch, which led Kirkman to say “Well what if it was really about aliens?” Image Comics immediately jumped on board with this idea, unaware that Kirkman had absolutely no intention of incorporating extraterrestrials. From that simple lie a flagship comic book series was born culminating in a hit TV show."
The Walking Dead was released, and quickly gained a a loyal fan base. Soon, execs questioned Kirkman about the alien angle. Kirkman finally told them the truth: there were no aliens.  Ever. At that point, it didn't matter anymore.

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Robert Kirkman

Zombie Author Jay Bonansinga

Zombie Author Jay Bonansinga

Jay Bonansinga is the author of several zombie novels in the "Walking Dead" Series:
The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor

The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury

The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor, Part One

The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor, Part Two

Just Another Day at the Office: A Walking Dead Short

Bonansinga also contributed to
Triumph of the Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman's Epic on Page and Screen

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About Jay Bonansinga

Jay Bonansinga lives with his girlfriend, photographer Jill Norton Brazel. They reside in  Evanston, Illinois. The two enjoy spending time with their children and family. Both are active in the arts community in the Chicago area.

Bonansinga is a visiting professor at Northwestern University and also teaches in the graduate writing program at DePaul University. Mr. Bonansinga holds a Master's degree in film from Columbia College. He also creates independent films and produces music videos.

He is a talented writer in many genres. Jay Bonansinga's first novel The Black Mariah was a finalist for the Bram Stoker award. His  thrillers, nonfiction books, and historical fiction have been well received by both readers and critics.

What Makes Jay Bonansinga Unique?

Bonansinga has  a unique ability to build suspense, heighten tension, and balance these within the construction of a dramatically intense setting. This seems to be true is all his books, regardless of genre.  Once Chicago critic described his work in this way:
"His twisting narratives, with their in-your-face glimpses of violence, are set in an unstable, almost psychotic universe that makes the work of many of his contemporaries look rather tame.”
It may have been this unique vision and the confidence of his agent that paved the way for his collaboration with Robert Kirkman.

Bonansinga's agent was the first to suggest the partnership.  It was only a short time later that Bonansinga began the Walking Dead "Governor" series. Bonansinga and Robert Kirkman have co-written the novels, incorporating and expanding on the original storyline and characters.

Jay Bonansinga: Five Descriptive Links

Jay Bonansinga 
(Courtesy Jill Brazel Photography)