Zombie Author A.S. Thompson

Zombie Author A.S. Thompson

A.S. Thompson is the author of three zombie books:
The Other Side
The Longest Road
The Change
All three novels are published by Severed Press  

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About A.S. Thompson

A.S. Thompson is a native of southern California. He has a Bachelor's degree in Communications. In his free time, A.S. Thompson plays several different musical instruments. He also studies karate and is seeking his pilot's license.
Thompson has always loved entertainment. He has spent a good deal of time working in music studios as well as behind the scenes for television and film companies. This experience led him to spend some time writing and filming his own movies.
He discovered his love for writing while taking a screenwriting class in college. His zombie novels detail the adventures of a group of cousins who struggle to survive in the post-outbreak United States wasteland.  The story first began as an assignment for a screenwriting class.
"After the first sentence, I was bitten by my own work, because, despite the parameters of the project, I just kept on writing. I couldn’t stop. Our project guidelines only called for the treatment to be ten pages long, but I ended up writing almost five times that (I probably would have written more had it not been for the end of the semester). Despite having holes in the plot and still needing work, the story was finished. I think I ended up getting an A on that final treatment, so that was nice."
He later stored the project in a file on his computer and forgot about it. Months later, he ran across the file by accident.
"Curious, I opened up the file and read it over, and by the end I said to myself 'You should adapt this into a book.' Then the more rational side of my brain countered with 'Why would you waste your time writing a book? You’ve never really like writing, and besides what would you do with it? Publish it? Come on dude, you’re no Stephen King.' In the end, the irrational won; go figure. "
This time he wrote it in the form of a novel. Even though  he had doubts, he still finished the story and, in time, sold it to Severed Press.

What Makes A.S. Thompson Unique?

When A.S. Thompson describes his favorite authors it's apparent that he pays close attention to their craft.   Some of Thompson's favorite zombie authors are Johnathan Maberry, Z.A. Recht, and Brian Keene. He's very articulate about the strengths of each author. It's intriguing to hear his views.
Recht's Morningstar trilogy was a very fun read that crossed continents and had this interconnecting plot that kept me very entertained. Recht put a new spin on the zombie genre, allowing zombies to be both shamblers and sprinters, and I loved it. Thank you for your contribution to the zombie genre and may you rest in peace, Z.A. Recht.
Maberry's Patient Zero was another really exciting read. It was told from the POV of a hardened, ex-veteran. The science, mixed with the action made that Joe Ledger book very hard to put down. Reading it was like watching a kick ass, action movie. Great job, Maberry.

Last was Brian Keene's The Rising. When I first read his books The Rising and sequel City of the Dead I had my mind blown. By the end, I was emotionally exhausted and shocked (in a good way) to see the risky lengths an author can go to when writing his/her story. Keene’s books were scary, depressing (again, in a good way) and down-right gritty; and I loved every page of them.
While he admires each author for different reasons, all three have inspired him to be more daring as a writer.
"Through these and other writers I have learned to push my limits, to create unique characters and settings, and most of all, to veer from the norm and put out a fresh storyline that keeps readers enthralled, holding their breath, guessing, and in the end, craving more."

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A.S. Thompson

Zombie Author Joe Talluto

 Zombie Author Joe Talluto

Joe Talluto is the author of the White Flag of the Dead  series, published by Severed Press

White Flag of the Dead
Book 1:Surrender of the Living
Book 2: Taking it Back
Book 3: America the Dead
Book 4: United States of the Dead
Book 5: Dead Surge
Book 6: Last Stand of the Dead
A related series kicks off with:
Generation Dead: The Becoming
The second book in the Generation Dead series is set to be finished by April, 2013. 

About Joe Talluto

Joe Talluto lives in the Chicago area with his wife Jodie and their children.  He graduated from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 1991.  Mr. Talluto was a teacher and administrator for ten years before writing his first novel. His served as principal of a middle school in East Aurora, and principal at Whittier School in Blue Island, Illinois.

White Flag of the Dead was first self-published, then later picked up by Severed Press.  Severed Press is handling the final books in the White Flag series, as well as the Generation Dead books. Visit the White Flag of the Dead blog to keep up with Talluto's writing progress and latest ventures. 

There's a nice snippet of a story called "Zombie Wars" on the blog, too.

Talluto says that he always strives to create characters who have dialogue and connections that are as real as possible. As  he was creating the series, he says:
"I tried to make the banter between characters seem as real as possible. I try to think about what real people would say in the situations the characters find themselves in and add it in.  I also try to make sure I am consistent with my characters' personalities."

He never expected to become a zombie author. In his words "I really never set out to be one.  It just sort of happened."

What Makes Joe Talluto Unique?

Joe Talluto has a unique ability to give his characters life beyond the pages of his books.

One of the key characters in the White Flag books, John Talon, has his own FaceBook page. It's a remarkably active page, for a fictional character.  Status updates, family members, and profile information are all in line with events from the stories.

This same character, John Talon, sometimes "writes" posts on Talluto's blog. So do some of Talluto's other characters.

This, it seems, goes back to Talluto's commitment to develop characters who match with ordinary life and have the ring of authenticity.
 "Perhaps not everyone can relate to John Talon or Charlie James, but Tommy Carte and Duncan Fries are much more ordinary and easily connected to.  I tried to introduce female characters that were strong and independent, and give women someone to relate as well.  Sarah is an all around type of person, the kind of strong woman that would only settle for someone like John.  
In addition, I tried to make the banter between characters seem as real as possible. I try to think about what real people would say in the situations the characters find themselves in and add it in.  I also try to make sure I am consistent with my characters' personalities.  Over the course of the series, the characters have developed as the story goes on, giving them a depth I hadn't dreamed of when I started the first book."
Depth, yes. Not only in the novels, but also beyond them. The web interactions simply extend the life of the characters beyond the boundaries of the books.

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Joe Talluto

Zombie Author Devan Sagliani

Zombie Author Devan Sagliani

Devan Sagliani is the author of five zombie novels:

Zombie Attack! Rise of the Horde

Zombie Attack! Army of the Dead
 Zombie Attack! Curse of the Living
 Undead L.A.

The Rising Dead

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About Devan Sagliani

Devan Sagliani is a UCLA graduate and a native of Southern California. He and his wife currently reside in Venice Beach. He writes a bimonthly column called "Dark Dreams" in Escapist Magazine.

In a discussion with Dane Jackson, Sagliani explained his penchant for zombie fiction
"Zombie fiction allows us to start over and re-imagine the world. It gives us the chance to be heroic and selfless, as well as the chance to quench our blood lust and anger at how unpredictable and unfair life can be. When we read zombie fiction we can be equally good and bad. We can explore the darkest recesses of our soul without being judged. That’s what I love about it."
He is an active member of the Horror Writers' Association. Sagliani cites Brett Easton Ellis, Thomas Pynchon, Anne Rice, and Chuck Palahniuk as significant influences on his writing.  

Sagliani has written a zombie screenplay in addition to his zombie novels: Humans Versus Zombies.  His movie has been sold in  Germany and Japan as well as in the US. Released in 2011, Humans Versus Zombies was based on the role-playing game of the same name. 

What Makes Devan Sagliani Unique?

Some of Saglaini's advice to new writers is unique.  Of course, he advises that  new writers should hire an editor, and write daily. But, Sagliani adds some thoughtful alternatives to the standard wisdom. Sagliani offers some "insteads" that are very valuable and not run-of- the-mill:
"Take time to learn your craft and then treat it like a job you love doing. Read as much as you can, and write on a daily basis if at all possible. Find a good friend who reads fast and will give you good advice. Hire a professional editor before you submit or self-publish. Don’t get discouraged by bad reviews. Instead, see if you can use any of what was said to improve your writing, then let it go."
" Don’t compare your successes to the successes of other writers, especially more established ones that have been doing it longer than you. That’s the fastest way to drive yourself crazy.  Instead, try to give yourself time to grow as a writer, to develop your own unique voice."

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Devan Sagliani