Zombie Author Patrick D'Orazio

Zombie Author Patrick D'Orazio

Patrick D'Orazio is the author of the Comes the Dark  series of zombie novels:
Comes the Dark  
Into the Dark  
Beyond the Dark
Two more novels are planned for the series, both to be published before the end of 2014.

D'Orazio is also an accomplished short story author. A few of his published zombie stories:
"A Soldier's Lament" in Eye Witness: Zombie, also available as a stand-alone story  
"Humans Being Human" in Zombiality (of which, one reviewer said: "Separately, the story by Patrick D'Orazio is worth the price of the book alone.")  
"The Woeful Tale of Dalton McCoy" in The Zombist: Undead Western Tales  
"What's Eating You?" in Zombies Gone Wild
"Legacy" in Live and Let Undead
Patrick D'Orazio also contributed to the collaborative zombie book  Letters from the Dead

About Patrick D'Orazio

Patrick D'Orazio and his wife Michele live in Ohio. They have a daughter named Alexandra and a son named Zachary. All the family members treasure their three "spastic" dogs. D'Orazio began writing when he was a teen, but did not seek publication till much later in his life.

As an adult, Patrick decided that  the stories he'd been scribbling all those years deserved more than to simply "be tossed into a file cabinet, never to be seen again." Within a short time, he had published over twenty five different short stories in various collections and anthologies. Many of those publications came from small independent publishers.

His first three novels, known as "The Dark Trilogy," were originally released by The Library of the Living Dead Press.  After being picked up by Permuted Press, the works were significantly revised and edited. They are in the process of being re-released, beginning with Comes the Dark in early 2013.

There's plenty more to find out about this interesting zombie author. His website, Tomes of Darkness, is packed with interviews, reviews, and all kinds of interesting articles.

What Makes Patrick D'Orazio Unique?

Patrick D'Orazio loves to read and review books.  Mr. D'Orazio has a multitude of book reviews on his blog. Whenever I need a reliable and thoughtful link for a zombie author, I check D'Orazio's blog first. here's almost certainly an interview or review there. I suspect that many other people also rely on his insights.

In addition to the reviews on his blog, D'Orazio has published  267 reviews on GoodReads and 348 reviews on Amazon.  That's a tremendous amount of reading. Moreover, that's a tremendous amount of thinking and crafting of commentary.

All of Patrick D'Orazio's reviews are the real thing. They're not thinly veiled attempts to promote, sell, publicize, or patronize anything. He's not self-aggrandizing. He's not writing reviews to promote himself.  They are real reviews.  These reviews are solid, too. Each is several paragraphs long, containing references to the book that make it absolutely clear that not only has he read the book in question, he's thought about it, too.

Patrick D'Orazio: Five Descriptive Links 

Patrick D'Orazio

Zombie Author David Moody

Zombie Author David Moody

David Moody is the author of  the Autumn series of zombie novels:

Autumn is available as a free audio drama podcast

Moody also  maintains a full library of free Autumn stories at the companion site called  Last of the Living. The stories here were also a part of Autumn: Echoes and Autumn: The Human Condition

David Moody contributed a zombie story called "Who We Used to Be" to The Living Dead 2, an anthology edited by John Joseph Adams.

I asked him about his other series, Hater. He said he did not see those books as zombie books, but could easily see why some people might.  He said that these books have some elements that parallel the zombie genre.
"They do have a common theme, though, and that's our fear of 'the other'. In the same way as most zombie tales involve people who used to be like us but are now different, the Hater books do too. All zombie stories can be boiled down to 'us versus them', and that's where the similarity with Hater comes in."

About David Moody

From 2005 to 2008, David Moody was busy writing novels and running an independent press called Infected Books. In 2008, St. Martin's acquired Moody's series novels Autumn and Hater.  After his contractual obligations were complete, Moddy revived Infected Books in July of 2012. He is "currently working on a number of book and film projects, for both mainstream and independent release." (Qtd from author's website)

David Moody's first horror-love was film. He always wanted to be a producer of the kinds of films he loved to watch. He now has the opportunity to see his work on screen. Autumn is now a movie, starring Dexter Fletcher and David Carradine. It is still available on DVD.  Hater is currently in production with Guillermo Del Toro.

Moody is a family man who lives with his wife, daughters, and stepdaughters in the UK. Visit David's  Infected Books  and his website DJMoody.

What Makes David Moody Unique?

David Moody had a unique route to success as a zombie author. He gave his books away. Yes, for free. This is how it happened. Prior to 2005, David Moody had published a novel through a traditional press in the UK. It sold a small number of copies. That was encouraging, but he was soon forced by life circumstances to take a break from writing for a while.

By the time he came back, the publishing landscape had changed. The Internet, self-publishing, and advancing technology made it easier and faster to share quality writing with large numbers of people. His zombie novel, Autumn, was ready for an audience. He faced a decision. Try to sell the novel to a publisher and hope for moe success, or find a new way to distribute. Moody “decided to give the book away and used it to build up a readership.” According to the author’s website:

“Autumn became an on-line phenomenon, racking up more than half a million downloads and spawning a series of sequels. In 2005 Moody formed ‘Infected Books’ – his own publishing house through which he independently published his books as paperbacks and ebooks.”

His books sold tens of thousands of copies. Infected Press became a success. By 2008, several major publishers and movie producers had optioned or produced his work. Currently, the Autumn and Hater series are both handled by St. Martin’s. Infected books is back at work, publishing a revised version of one of Moody’s earlier novels, entitled Trust. David Moody continues to reap the benefits of both traditional publishing and independent distribution.

"I’d been leading a bizarre double-life for years,’ he says. "I’ve literally had Hollywood producers on the phone while I’ve been standing in the living room trying to get the kids to bed and stop the dog barking! Now I’m able to write full time and I’ve been given an incredible opportunity to get my books out to a vastly increased audience..."
All because he began by giving his books away for free.

David Moody: Five Descriptive Links

David Moody