Zombie Author Craig DiLouie

Zombie Author Craig DiLouie

Craig DiLouie is the author of zombie novels:

DiLouie also contributed a chapter called "Writing the Zombie Novel: Lessons on Craft" to  Zombie Writing.

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About Craig DiLouie

Craig DiLouie is a self-described "Happily married man with two children and a satisfying career in the  technical writing business."

Craig DiLouie maintains an active horror blog. He is a skilled and effective interviewer.  He uses similar questions to create a unity among the interviews. However, DiLouie also chooses questions tailored to each individual author. He manages to elicit thoughtful reflections and intriguing commentary from all his author interviews.  The key item that makes DiLouie unique is also something that happens to be quite intriguing to me (and to this blog).

I appreciate the focus he placed on the zombie genre in his interview choices.  Craig DiLouie has interviewed nearly dozen zombie authors since October 2011. Some of them are also profiled here on the blog. I've come to rely upon DiLouie's excellent interviews to round out author profiles and shed new light on their work. 

Some of the zombie authors he has interviewed include:

What Makes Craig DiLouie Unique?

Mr. DiLouie is quite successful in industrial lighting design. I think it's the lighting experience that makes him unique among zombie authors. 

How many zombie authors can claim to have penned a textbook that
"...Outlines the decision-making process behind whether to retrofit or redesign an existing lighting system, describes basic lighting design techniques and how to evaluate lighting equipment, details lighting legislation and energy codes, identifies advanced lighting strategies, and describes the role planned maintenance can play in saving energy and ensuring long-term performance."
--Description: Lighting Design for Existing Buildings, by Craig DiLouie 
Not many, I imagine. But there's something that I find much more interesting than that. 

I was struck by the opening paragraph of one of his lighting texts.  DiLouie opens the first paragraph of his book with an intriguing quotation by alchemist/philosopher Omroom Mikhael Aivanhov:
"There is no more worthy, more glorious, or more potent work, than to work with light."  
He closes that same paragraph with an inspiring observation of his own:
"Like electricity and clean water, light is an engine of progress." 
It seems to me that the level of creativity and insight displayed in his technical writing is at least equal to that displayed in his novels. That's no mean feat. It makes him unique among zombie authors.  I suspect it makes him unique among technical writers as well.

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