Zombie Author Jessica Meigs

Zombie Author Jessica Meigs

Zombie author Jessica Meigs writes the "Becoming" series of novels. Current titles include:

The Becoming  was named one of the Best Zombie Fiction Releases of 2011 and one of the Best Apocalyptic Fiction Releases of 2011 by Barnes & Noble.

The Becoming: Ground Zero was named one of the Best  Zombie Fiction Releases of 2012 by Barnes and  Noble's SciFi/Fantasy Blog.  At least one more book is planned for the series. 

About Jessica Meigs

Jessica Meigs is an Alabama native who works full-time as an EMT.  She also has experience in retail sales and in accounting.  She cites Mira Grant, Jonathan Maberry, and Max Brooks among her strongest writing influences. Jessica Meigs posts regularly on twitter and on her facebook page. She often interacts with her readers, seeking feedback on their preferences. For example, she  is currently considering the release of a serial zombie novel.  She's asked for feedback from readers about the idea.

Meigs explains in her GoodReads bio that she "gained notoriety for having written her series on a variety of BlackBerry devices." Those stories were eventually transformed into two novellas, which she then self-published in December of 2010. Her work very quickly hit the Amazon Bestsellers in Horror List.  By April of 2011, Jessica Meigs' work had gained the attention of Permuted Press. Permuted Press is the publisher for all the Becoming books

Visit Jessica's Author Website at Becoming Zombies .

What Makes Jessica Meigs Unique?

What makes Jessica Meigs unique among zombie authors is her love of music.

In nearly all of her bios, and most of her interviews, Miegs mentions her love of rock music and concerts.  Ms. Meigs says that she spends "way too much time" building playlists for the things she writes. She also says that she absolutely loves attending concerts, especially those with mosh pits.

I tried summarizing her words, but there was no way I could  accurately capture her genuine enthusiasm:
"I also listen to entirely too much music, primarily rock music.  (What can I say? My mother raised me right!)  And I LOVE going to concerts.  It’s basically the world’s best stress reliever for me to just jump into a mosh pit and scream and sing my lungs out as loud as I can."
 --Interview, Between the Covers, February, 2011

She's not alone in using music as her inspiration.  Many authors cite their favorite musicians on the dedication pages of their novels. Jessica Meigs just expresses herself a little more clearly.

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