Zombie Author Joe McKinney

Zombie Author Joe McKinney

Joe McKinney is the author of the "Dead World" series of  zombienovels:
Dead City
Apocalypse of the Dead
Flesh Eaters
McKinney has fifteen years of experience in law enforcement. He is based near San Antonio, Texas, where he resides with his wife and children. You can find bio information about him on Amazon, GoodReads, and a whole host of social networking sites.

About Joe McKinney

McKinney has a website called Old Major's Dream. On it, he gives a comprehensive chronology for the Dead World series. He covers the major events of the novels, without giving away too much. He says that is possible to start anywhere in the series. He'd prefer not to set an order for new readers. At the end of the article, though, McKinney does provide a suggested reading order for those who are already familiar with the series. 

Several shorter stories are included in the Dead World universe, although they are harder to find.  On his official website, McKinney says:
"DEAD CITY has since grown into the Dead World series, which to date includes four novels and half a dozen stories. The novels are easy to come by, the stories less so. At least for the time being."
Some of the stories are in anthologies. Some are in magazines. 

The Dead World Stories

In case you want to add them to your collection, the stories are:

  • Originally published in 2010 in the anthology Dead Set, edited by McKinney himself and Michelle McCrary
“Ethical Solution,”
“Dating in Dead World,”
"The Crossing"  
  • Available as a stand-alone at Amazon. The price is less than one dollar.

What Makes Joe McKinney Unique?

So what could I possibly have to say about him that hasn't already been covered?   How about I tell you why I like him? I think I have a unique reason.  I like him, simply, for the first sentence of  Dead City:
"There's an empty parking lot near the corner of Seafarer and Rood where I used to go to fight with my wife." 
It got me right away. I'm a wife. I understand. And then there's that "used to go" phrase. Does that mean the parking lot doesn't exist anymore? Or the marriage? Or the wife? Considering that it was a zombie novel, I was inclined to predict the latter of the three choices. I was wrong. At least partly. 

If you've read the book, you get what I am talking about. If you haven't read the book, you probably should. 

When I approach the first sentence of any novel, I want two things. I want the sentence to grab me and make me love the characters. I want the sentence to imply that I am going to like the author, too. I am trusting this person with access to  my imagination for a period of time. I want it to be someone I can trust to challenge it wisely.  When I read the first sentence of Dead City, I immediately felt good about both story and author. 

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Joe McKinney