Zombie Author Flash! Fiction by Colin M. Drysdale

Colin M. Drysdale
It’s been a long voyage and you can’t wait to get away from the rest of the crew of the yacht you’re delivering to Miami. You’re ecstatic when you finally see land again but as you approach you realise something’s wrong. In the six weeks you’ve been at sea, civilisation’s collapsed and you don’t know why.
What do you do? 

You’ve run aground in the night. You can see the infected coming. You know if they reach you before you can get off, they’ll kill you. The only way you can escape is if someone gets onto the sand bank and pushes the boat away from the shore. They might die if they do but you’ll all die if one of you doesn’t.
What do you do? 

There’s four of you in the metal shipping container. You can hear the infected outside but you know they can’t get in. You’ve got food so you won’t starve, at least not soon. If you try to escape, the infected will probably catch you and tear you apart; if you don’t, you’ll spend the rest of your life trapped in this tiny space.
What do you do? 

You’re at the top of a lighthouse. When you look down, you see there’s thousands of infected surrounding it. You can hear them shuffling and moaning. You know there’s no way out.
What do you do?

Drysdale says “It’s questions like these that are at the heart of For Those In Peril On The Sea…When the land’s no longer safe, where else can you go?”

Drysdale has more zombie flash fiction  and a complete zombie short story on his blog

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