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Why I started this blog

A little rambling history

I'm not a straight-up horror fan. Horror fiction scares me. I'm more of an apocalyptic fiction fan. Or I used to be. Now I'm a zombie fan. Not zombie movies. I love the written word more than moving images. Books. I love books.

Zombie books. I love zombie books. I love zombie authors.

How, then, did this come to be?

I've always loved post-apocalyptic fiction.

Well, always since I was 19 years old. That was a long time ago. We don't know each other quite well enough for me to say exactly how long, but trust me, it was a while

You know how all the zombie fans can pinpoint exactly when they first experienced one of George Romero's  films? Well, I can pinpoint exactly when and where I read The Stand  for the first time. 

I was 19 and living in a second -floor walkup just off the Green T-line in Boston. It was early June. 

Incidentally, I can pinpoint Night of the Living Dead, too. I was eight. It scared the bejeezus out of me. 

I didn't like it. Then. To be  precisely accurate, I don't really like it now. Movies and TV can scare me spitless.

Books are less intimidating. I can READ almost any gruesome zombie scene-- but I can't WATCH very many of them.  That includes those in the ever-so-popular AMC television show that put zombies on the mainstream map.

While we're digressing, let me go on record as a fan of The Walking Dead graphic novel, which I had the good fortune to discover as a result of the television series. In my world, the series has served its purpose- it led me to the real thing. I watch. I like it. But I don't love it. What do I love?

I love the end of the world. Especially when it comes in the form of a disease. MOST especially if that disease takes shape as a lethal, shambling, flesh-eating corpse.

Why? Let's return to that  summer when I was 19.

After that summer, I came to love apocalyptic fiction. I read almost everything I could get my hands on. In 1984, it wasn't always easy to find. No Internet. I would go a long time between books. It took several years of patient reading to explore the standard works.

(Yep, I gave you a good hint, there.  If you care to do the math, you'll figure out just how old I am.) 

Every time I found one, I read it. For quite a while I thought I was the only one with this penchant for post-apocalyptic visions. Enter the computer and the unwieldy but still exciting world of inter-library loans. Those opened up a bunch of new worlds.

So it was that, by 1999, I realized I had a particular fondness for the disease brand of apocalypse. The only problem with that was that it left the only real enemies to be other human beings. With a disease, the fight was over already.

By 2003, I was getting a little bored.  

Enter zombies. Disease. Apocalypse. Survival. Actual enemies.  Perfect. 

25 years after I discovered The Stand, and 36 years after my first experience with zombies, I finally found my way into the perfect storm.  And now, there was the Internet to help me.

In  2009, I used the advances in technology to glean nearly every out-of-print zombie book available in my state's public libraries. I read them so fast, I don't actually remember too many of them. But it didn't matter.

I'd found my place.

Thus it was, that over the past few years, I came to particularly appreciate the zombie genre. While I enjoy The Walking Dead in video form, I like the graphic novel better. In fact, I like ALL books better than moving images.

And that, my friends, is how this blog began-- at least in part. There's a big long story about how it became an actual blog, but that is for another time.

Perhaps I'll tell you after three more months.  I hope you'll still be right here.

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