Zombie Author A.R. Wise

Zombie Author A.R. Wise

A.R. Wise is the author of the Deadlocked series, which includes seven separate volumes.  The first four have been  collected into one volume. There are eight books planned for the complete series.
Deadlocked, The Complete First Series, Books 1-4
Deadlocked 5: Aftermath

Deadlocked 6: Uprising
Deadlocked 7: Legacies   Released March 30, 2013

Wise also has two related books that consist of short stories: Deadlocked: Broken Pieces Volume 1 and Volume 2

About A.R. Wise

A.R. Wise was born in Indiana and now lives in Colorado with his wife and daughters.

Wise had always wanted to be a writer, but the potential for years and years of rejection slips seemed very discouraging. He pursued other interests and worked in other fields for several years. In 2011, Wise began exploring the idea of writing again

He self-published the first volume of  Deadlocked in November, 2011. It sold well and gained many positive reviews. By the end of 2012, A. R. Wise was a full-time writer.  

A.R. Wise, like a couple of other authors I've profiled, wants his characters to be imperfect and accessible:
"I wanted to get away from the unassailable, ultra-macho lead character that seems to be a popular protagonist in this genre. There's nothing wrong with that sort of novel, but I wanted the characters of my book to feel intimately familiar. When readers dive into the Deadlocked series, I want them to feel a connection to the characters because they can see themselves in them. No one in the Deadlocked series is invulnerable, and no one makes the correct decision 100% of the time. These are regular people forced into incredible scenarios, and I think that helps readers identify with them."
Wise keeps a website: A.R. Wise Books.

What makes A.R. Wise Unique?

I asked Mr. Wise what he thought made him unique. He told me "I wanted to make sure my books offered [something] that I felt was somewhat lacking in the genre as a whole." I'm sure most zombie authors want enhance the genre by filling in what is missing. Each author brings something slightly different. For A.R. Wise, that difference is the element of theme.
"So many of the zombie apocalypse stories out there seem to be just a series of events that the author forces their characters through, with no overall theme in place. These type of stories can be a fun and quick read, but I'm usually left feeling a little let down at the end. With the Deadlocked series, I've worked hard to focus on a central theme to each of the books so that when the reader gets to the last page, they feel satisfied with what has happened.
For instance, the original Deadlocked is an allegory to our fear of death. The main character's concerns about the possibly fatal cancer that he has been diagnosed with is represented by the zombies nipping at his heels, threatening his every move as he tries to ensure that his family will be secure if he dies.

For me, having an underlying theme is an important part of a good book, and I try to add that to each of mine."
These are A.R. Wise's reflections on his writing and on his zombie novels.

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