Zombie Author Bryan James

Zombie Author Bryan James

Bryan James is the Author of the LZR-1143 zombie books:

LZR-1143: Infection (novel)
LZR-1143: Evolution (novel)
 LZR-1143: Within (novella)
 LZR-1143: Perspectives (short story collection)

About Bryan James

Bryan James holds down a full time job while managing parenthood and several other projects in addition to his zombie writing. The rest of the details of his personal life are rarely discussed in the same depth as his opinions about writing. Find some of those other details at his author website: LZR1143

Perhaps it's just that Bryan James has more to say about himself as a writer than he does about himself as a person.

On his website FAQ, he says that his zombie novel LZR-1143: Infection was the first thing he ever wrote just for himself. He explains the process:

"...you hope to be able to create something that will be judged not by letters or percentages, but by actual human joy or distaste. And quite frankly, that’s a little more nerve wracking." 

 This is just one of many examples of his ability to describe his writing process with honesty and clarity.

This detail is not important to everyone, perhaps, but I think Mr. James should get bonus points because he has used the correct spelling in the phrase "nerve wracking."

What Makes Bryan James Unique?

It seems to me that Bryan James has a unique insight into zombies. Especially for someone who writes horror. In part, James says:

"But the creatures themselves--drooling, shambling, mindless carnivores--they're entertaining. They wander about in herds, they walk off roofs, and they shamble in front of moving vehicles....Zombies aren't actually evil. How can they be? One requires sentience to formulate evil intent. After all, that's what makes something a zombie as opposed to someone a violent, cannibalistic sociopath. No, zombies aren't evil, just mindless and oblivious--bent on one thing, achieving one goal."

See, that just makes sense, doesn't it? I mean, there are lots of types of zombies, and plenty of discussion about what constitutes a zombie. Some zombies are thoughtful, quick, and malicious. But the vast majority of them are destructive only because of the single-mindedness of their pursuit. They aren't TRYING to be evil, they're simply trying to survive. That their survival depends upon our complete destruction is only a side effect. Important to us, sure. Crucial, in fact. But it's not intentional on their part.

Why is that unique? Well, mostly because in these remarks Bryan James goes on to make some parallels between our own daily state of being oblivious to the people around us. We, in our self-centered myopia, have the seeds of zombie-level destruction. That's quite interesting, too. And it all comes from the unique perspective of Bryan James, zombie author.

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