Zombie Author Flash and Blog Update

Zombie Author Flash Formatting Changes

I am removing my commentary from the top of the page, editing it, and moving it down near the book cover link. I'll still screech with delight and publish immediately, but it won't be the first thing you see.

The first thing you will see will be--The Zombie Author Flash. That makes a whole lot more sense.

Did you know that the book covers are live links? Where possible, I'll make the book covers prominent. I won't solicit, but the links will be there. Please be sure to let me know if you ever find incorrect or broken links. I'll fix them right away.

The Zombie Author Flash Can Work For You

Zombie Author Flashes don't have to be fiction. They can be biographical or factual. And they are ALWAYS published within 2-24 hours. When I get more than one in a single day, I  will try to space the flashes as far apart as possible within the 24-hour window.

If you are classy and clever, you can probably find a number of ways to use these guidelines to your advantage. I have no objection to that.

Just remember-- A Zombie Author Flash is original and exactly 55 words long. That, by the way, does not include the title. Feel free to use hyperlinks.

Example of a Nonfiction Zombie Author Flash

Here's an example of a nonfiction zombie author flash written by Bowie Ibarra:

My name is Bowie Ibarra. If you haven't watched 'Night of the Living Dead' '68, dressed as a bloody and gory zombie or decked-out fully-armed zombie smasher, or read any of the great books Permuted Press and other publishers are putting out there... well, what in the world are you waiting for, son?

Thank you, Bowie, for being the first to send in a non-fiction flash. I made an exception to my "immediate publication" rule just this one time-- I was waiting for the perfect moment.

The Zombie Author Flash in Balance

I'm going to be careful to try to keep a balance among the zombie authors. I don't want to over-feature any one author. I haven't had to make a quantifiable rule, yet. I'm thinking that no more than twice in a given month is a good guideline to start. This is looking much too far ahead, but I also expect that no more that 6-8 times in a year, total, is another good guideline.

I can only HOPE to have this problem, of course :-) Right now, I'm just eager to get zombie authors and their work on the blog.

I'm so excited to see what you all create!

PS- A Small Note on This Blog's Content:

I haven't had to cross this bridge yet, but maybe it's best to be proactive.

Because of the intense nature of the subject matter, Zombie-Authors is focused on adults. Zombie books often depict graphic violence and explicit sexual situations. Most of them use very strong language. Young Adult works may be included if they also appeal to readers age 18 and  older. Zombie-Authors is intended for adults, but it does not handle works of erotica.