Zombie Author Flash! Fiction by Bryan Cassiday


I know that I am different from everyone else.  I know that I can never sleep, dream, feel anything for anyone.

The only thing I feel is hunger, a gnawing hunger that never dies, hunger that consumes me as well as every living thing I eat and the blood I drink from their pumping hearts.

Bryan Cassiday, author of Sanctuary in Steel, sent this author flash today. As always, I am thrilled to publish an original 55-word "flash" from a zombie author.

Bryan Cassiday is the author of Sanctuary in Steel and two other zombie novels that feature the character Chad Halverson. Zombie Necropolis and Zombie Maelstrom complete the trilogy.

Cassiday keeps very good company. Joe McKinney, David Dunwoody, and Iain McKinnon have all given Sanctuary in Steel some very supportive comments.

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A Zombie Author Flash is exactly 55 words long. It may be factual, creative, or a “flash-fiction” story. Ideally, the author flash will represent something essential or unique about the zombie author. Jule welcomes contributions from zombie authors or their reps. Original work from any of the zombie authors will be greeted with squeals of delight and published faster than you can say "zombie apocalypse."