Zombie Author Flash! Fiction by Julianne Snow

By Julianne Snow


It comes at me with a ferocious roar; its lips drawn to reveal sharp broken teeth. Stepping back, I’m met with hard resistance. Trapped! Unrelentingly it advances, jaws gnashing at the promise of a fresh meal. I raise my arms, weapon cocked and aim. My muzzle explodes and the body falls to the floor: bullseye.


Hunger; deep, painful hunger drives it forward. Milky eyes catch the hint of movement, drawing its attention to the meal standing, stunned, silent. It lurches forward, its intent to pursue ruthlessly. Luck, it seems is on its side; its prey cannot move. Trapped! Its hunger swells at the promise, but is met with swift denial.

Julianne Snow is the author of  Days With the Undead. 

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