Zombie Author Gareth Wood

Zombie Author Gareth Wood

Gareth wood is the author of:
 Age of the Dead
Dead Inside (forthcoming, 2013) Read an excerpt

Wood has also published a zombie story called  "The Unlucky" in the anthology  Dead Worlds, Undead Stories.

About Gareth Wood

Gareth Wood lives with his wife  in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.  He writes his first drafts in longhand, on the Vancover Skytrain, as he travels to and from work. I happen to know that he wrote his Zombie Author Flash this way, too

Gareth Wood never really intended to publish Rise. He began writing it in 2004, as a hobby. Some time later,  he posted parts of the story online because he wanted comments from readers.

A Spanish publishing house contacted him. Thus, EL DESPERTAR DE LOS MUERTOS  was published in Spain long before it was published in the US. Read more about this process at Gareth's blog.

What Makes Gareth Wood Unique?

Gareth Wood is a journeyman electrician in his day job. That means he is certified to electrocute zombies.  I suppose that might come in handy sometime- if it works.

What's more interesting is that Gareth Wood is an accomplished archer.  He shoots a traditional recurve bow and makes his own arrows for it.  Wood is proficient in both combat and target archery.

He spends some of his time organizing and managing archery events. Once, he even sponsored a zombie-themed shoot. Wood is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism Arechery Community.

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