Zombie Author Glenn Bullion

Zombie Author Glenn Bullion

Glenn Bullion is the author of the zombie novel:

Dead Living

Dead Living is among the top sellers for Permuted Press
for February, 2013.

You can find the author's own comments  about  Dead Living at his website,  GlennBullion.com.

Permuted Press has a page with sample chapters and a synopsis. 

About Glenn Bullion

Glenn Bullion and his wife live in Maryland with their four cats. Why do zombie authors always seem to have cats? Bullion has been writing stories since he was a boy of twelve.

In the early days of eBook publishing, he used to think "There’s no way I’ll hold one of those in my hand over a paper book.” His opinions have changed dramatically since them.

Glenn Bullion now finds the electronic market to be a great advantage for authors and readers because it can make books available so quickly.

His zombie novel was born in electronic form around 2011,  discovered by a publisher in 2012, and transformed into a successful print book by the beginning of 2013.

What Makes Glenn Bullion Unique?

An early book cover
I think it's unique that Dead Living earned an such a high number of  authentic positive reviews on Amazon, even early on. I took some time to read through them, and I noticed that many of the 5-star reviews came even before the book received a complete edit and upgrade from its new publisher. Clearly, Bullion created a story that even his early readers wanted to praise.  I'm a fairly avid reader of Amazon reviews, and I don't see that very often.

Of course, there's something even better I can share about what makes Glenn Bullion unique.

I asked Mr. Bullion directly, and he replied by sharing some intriguing trivia behind the creation of  his book. I think these remarks give a unique insight into Mr. Bullion's writing style and personal experiences.

"Dead Living's main setting...
is in an old high school. The original setting in an earlier draft was actually inspired by Baltimore's Camden Yards. The Orioles home ballpark is actually surrounded by a huge fence, and would make for a great holdout in a zombie apocalypse. But Camden Yards turned out to be too large of a setting, with potentially a lot of comfort that I didn't want, so I changed the setting."
"The setting of Lexington High School...
is inspired by this crazy road ten minutes from my house. It's a long road with your typical houses and a school, but nothing else. It almost seems like you're out in the country, except for the suburbs rearing up again at both ends. It makes for a strange driving experience when you're heading down."

I enjoyed hearing about how Bullion developed the settings. It's another benefit of the digital book  market- we get to watch the work evolve, both in print and in the author's imagination. No wonder Bullion likes it. So do I.

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