Zombie Author Iain McKinnon

Zombie Author Iain McKinnon

Iain McKinnon is the author of:
Domain of the Dead
 Remains of the Dead
 Demise of the Living (forthcoming, 2013)

McKinnon has also published the zombie story "Jennifer" in Holiday of the Dead.


About Iain McKinnon

Iain McKinnon is a native of Scotland who currently lives just outside Edinburgh.  Iain and his wife have one son.

Like many authors, McKinnon can pinpoint his exact age when he viewed one of Romero's zombie films. For Iain, it was Day of the Dead, which he saw when he was 18.

From that point on, he says that zombies topped his list of irrational fears. At first, his writing was an attempt to conquer those fears. Now that he is a family man, McKinnon's concerns have shifted. This is evident in much of his work

Visit Iain McKinnon's web page  to watch a book trailer and read recent comments about Iain's books.

What Makes Iain McKinnon Unique?

Iain McKinnon with dreadlocks
Iain McKinnon has Dyslexia. He says that "Dyslexics tell me that while they struggle to read normally they have no such problem with my work...I think it's the way my brain is wired differently to other authors that makes my writing unique."

Even though it makes his editors struggle at times with certain words, he feels the "spatial acuity Dyslexia brings" is what gives him a unique writing style." He has been referred to as n exceptionally vivid writer who is incredibly easy to read. McKinnon attributes this, in large part, to his Dyslexia. I think it makes him a great example for students and readers.

Iain McKinnon shaved his head for charity. That's fairly unusual, too. Especially since he started with dreadlocks. Watch the video. You'll see.

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