Zombie Author Jack Wallen

Zombie Author Jack Wallen

Jack Wallen is the author of the I, Zombie, I series of zombie novels:
I Zombie I

My Zombie My

Die Zombie Die

Lie Zombie Lie

Zombie Radio
T-Minus Zero ( a prequel)
Wallen also writes and produces Zombie Radio podcasts. 

About Jack Wallen

Mr. Wallen lives in Kentucky with his wife and three wonderful stepchildren. Wallen has written everything from  technical articles about the Linux operating system to theatre scripts for  young audiences.  He has also worked in a wide range of professions, including bike mechanic, hairstylist, and radio personality. Wallen began writing fiction when he was in his late thirties. After writing in several other genres, the progression into zombie fiction was natural.

One morning, Jack Wallen woke "with a single question on his mind: What would it be like to transform into a zombie?" He  "realized the only way to answer the question was by writing his first zombie novel."  The goal with the I Zombie I series is ten books which will then bridge into a new series, The Book of Jacob.

The next novel in the series, T Minus Zero is scheduled for release in the Spring of 2013. Find out more at Jack Wallen's website  or check out the site for  Zombie Radio.

Of his writing, Wallen says:
"I approach every book I write as if I am watching a film. By working this way, I know immediately if a scene works or not. If it doesn't flow – it goes. I'm all about my work having a very musical quality – a melody and rhythm."

Jack Wallen has been given the name “The Zombie King” by his readers and fans. I haven't yet discovered the genesis of this nickname, but perhaps one of the readers can offer some enlightening comments.

What Makes Jack Wallen Unique?

Jack Wallen started out with a career in acting.  He worked a good bit in professional theatre. Yes, he earned his Equity card...that's not  the easiest thing in the world to get.

Wallen was part of the cast in The Great Gilly Hopkins at the Victory Theatre on Broadway in  the late 1990s, earning some good reviews for his work as  the character William Ernest. He has also performed the role of Puck at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival and appeared as the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz at the Music Theatre of Louisville.

That's an interesting range of roles.  I'm thinking that the mischevious Puck  must sometimes find expression in Wallen's writing as well. Jack Wallen says that his theatre experience "helped shape a love for words deep within the well of his consciousness."

Jack Wallen: Five Descriptive Links

(and one silly one)

Jack Wallen in the role of Mrs. Armstrong in the Stage One production of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" Wallen is also featured on the I.U. alumni page 

Jack Wallen