Zombie Author Joseph Souza

Zombie Author Joseph Souza

Joseph Souza is the author of two zombie novels:

The Reawakening

You can find  an excerpt from The Reawakening   at Permuted Press.

The third book in the series is due out from Permuted Press in the fall of 2013, or early in  2014.

About Joseph Souza

Joseph Souza once worked as an Intelligence Analyst for the Drug Enforcement Agency (Organized Crime Unit) in Washington D.C. In his professional life, he has had encounters with several high-profile legal cases. One of those became the basis for the John Travolta movie A Civil Action.

Souza grew up near Boston, and graduated from Northwestern University. He now resides with his wife and children near Portland, Maine. He enjoys running, cooking and playing golf when he is not writing.

Mr. Souza is the author of many award-winning short stories and essays that have been published in various literary journals. He is also a contributing member of Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance.

Visit Joseph Souza's website to read excerpts from Darpocalypse and The Reawakening as well as commentary and interviews with the author.

What Makes Joseph Souza Unique?

Joseph Souza channels pugs. Yes. Pugs. You know pugs. The dog breed. The ones with the mudge-faces.  Well, Joseph Souza can channel their most private inner dialogue. At least, he can do this with one pug in particular- Lily.

Souza says:
"For seventeen years, I have been able to channel my pug's innermost thoughts and convey them to my wife and kids in a voice that somewhat resembles Elmo's voice."
This skill is apparently not limited by space or dimension. Joseph Souza feels certain that he will be able to continue chanelling  Lily-the-Pug's thoughts indefinitely.
"When, and if this pug passes on to the next realm, I hope to continue relaying her spiritual messages and thoughts. At first my family thought me crazy but now they realize Lily's authentic voice. "  
Someday, he may write a book about his experiences. Sadly, that book will not be featured here. Unless he's channeling Lily, who can guide his family to safety during the zombie apocalypse. Everyone knows dogs are the first ones to recognize the infected. Yeah, that'd be cool.

Joseph Souza: Five Descriptive Links

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