Zombie Author Mark Tufo

Zombie Author Mark Tufo

Mark Tufo is the author of the Zombie Fallout series:

Zombie Fallout (Kindle edition on SALE now! only $0.99)
Zombie Fallout 2: A Plague Upon Your Family
Zombie Fallout 3: The End
Dr. Hugh Mann (Zombie Fallout 3.5)
Zombie Fallout 4: The End Has Come and Gone
Zombie Fallout 5: Alive in a Dead World
Zombie Fallout 6: Till Dead Do Us Part
The Zombie Fallout  series is available on Tantor Audio.  It is in development for film with Illuminandi Media.

Tufo also has also authored two novella-length books with an animal as the protagonist:
The Book of Riley: A Zombie Tale  
The Book of Riley: A Zombie Tale, Part  2

Mark Tufo gets inside the head of an evil zombie in the novel  Timothy.

About Mark Tufo

Mark Tufo was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He now lives in Maine with his wife and children.  Mr. Tufo is a former Marine who has completed tours that led him to South Carolina, California, and Hawaii, among other places.  He's earned a B.A. from U. Mass Amherst and is currently at work on his M.A. from Colorado Tech. University. Mark and his family have two English bulldogs.

Mark Tufo's zombie novels are all interconnected, with the keystone character of Mike Talbot always present in some manner. Mike Talbot is the protagonist of the Zombie Fallout series, but is also present in The Book of Riley and Timothy  series novels

Tufo maintains a website at MarkTufo.com as well as a site that focuses on the Zombie Fallout series. On his welcome page, Tufo shares an amusing story about how he first began self-publishing his work. I'm pretty sure his wife is an amazing woman

What Makes Mark Tufo Unique?

I think Mark Tufo has a unique entry to his website. If you float your cursor around the picture, you'll see appropriat links to different pages. The books on the bookshelf will lead to the "Books" page. The nameplat on the office desk will lead to the "About" page.  Hover over the dogs, and you'll find a link to the "Extras" page.  I'm not sure that's the BEST unique thing about Mark Tufo, but it is interesting.

Another, probably more important, unique quality Tufo has is his sense of humor. Nearly every reviewer mentions it. I think you'll have to read his books to find out more about that.

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