Zombie Author Michelle DePaepe

Zombie Author Michelle DePaepe

Michelle DePaepe is the author of the zombie novel 

The second novel in the Eaters trilogy is  currently in progress. 

About Michelle DePaepe

Michelle DePaepe has worn many hats. That's okay. Michelle DePaepe looks good in a hat. She's been a DJ on the radio, worked as a hotel reservationist, and used her love of gardening as an assistant at a seed company. No matter what she's been doing, Michelle DePaepe has loved reading all her life.

DePaepe majored in European History at the University of Colorado. After graduating, she discovered her passion for writing fiction. According to Ms. DePaepe:
"Family members and friends are still scratching their heads, wondering how such dark writing comes from the mild-mannered lady who is more at ease with her cats and plants than public interaction.They tend to blame authors like Stephen King, Tanith Lee, and Anne Rice for infecting her with a preoccupation with things that lurk in the shadows, not realizing that the study of history also played an important role."

Michelle DePaepe lives in Colorado with her family. DePaepe is a member of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. Visit Michelle DePaepe's website or Michelle's Blog

What Makes Michelle DePaepe Unique? 

Michelle DePaepe has some unusual experience with GMOs. Genetically Modified Organisms, that is. She has worked in the horticultural field, where there is some concern about the long range effects of genetic modification of plants. This concern formed the basis of the zombie plague in Eaters. Don't get the wrong idea-- DePaepe doesn't take a side or advance a hidden agenda. She just uses the GMO idea to form the underlying cause of the zombie disease.

It's always interesting to see how a zombie author's life experience takes shape in fiction. DePaepe has taken a hot-button issue, but she hasn't just taken it from the headlines. She's drawn on her considerable knowledge and experience within the horticulture field.  Ms. DePaepe has worked and created  blog posts for a seed company called Botanical Interests for some time.

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