Zombie Author Steven Pajak

Zombie Author Steven Pajak

Steven Pajak is the author of two zombie novels:

Mad Swine: The Beginning

Mad Swine: Dead Winter

About Steven Pajak

Steven Pajak lives in the Chicago area with his family. He and his wife Zoralla have two children.  Mr. Pajak has previously resided in Tennessee and Texas, but they have returned to the area where Pajak was raised. Mr. Pajak has served as an admissions officer for Northeastern Illinois University, where he also earned his B.A.

Pajak is a long-time fan of horror and suspense fiction. He's been reading these genres of over twenty years. His experience with range shooting shows through in the descriptions of weapons that appear in his novels.  Pajak began Mad Swine as an online serial. The serial was extremely popular with readers, who clamored for additional chapters every week. In 2010, Pajak's novel was published in print by Permuted Press.  Mad Swine: The Beginning is on the Permuted Press Bestsellers list for January 2013.

What Makes Steven Pajak Unique?

Steven Pajak collects watches. Steven Pajak collects guns. Steven Pajak doesn’t believe in “safe queens.” (If you know immediately what that means, then you must be a collector, too.) He shoots all the guns in his collection, and wears all his watches. He tells me “I don't collect for the sake of collecting-I want to be able use my collection and thoroughly enjoy each piece.” None of the items in his collection reside majestically in the dark, tucked away in a safe. “Safe queen.” That’s a nice turn of phrase, isn’t it?

Collecting guns is no stretch for a zombie author. But watches? Now that’s unique. His collection is comprised of vintage Seiko and Rolex watches. The form and function of the timepieces first intrigued him. After a time, Pajak became interested in what, as he said, “made them tick.” So, he learned how to open them, maintain them, and even how to modify the way they looked. The work may be tiny and tedious, but there’s a satisfying sense of accomplishment that comes with mastering the skills. It takes patience and precision to work on watches. Hmmm. Curiosity. Patience. Precision. Attention to detail. Opening things up. Finding out their inner workings. Exposing what’s inside, making it better. Come to think of it, maybe that’s not such a stretch for an author after all.

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