Zombie Author Thom Brannan

Zombie Author Thom Brannan

Thom Brannan is the author of at least two zombie novels:
Survivors (The Morningstar Strain)
Pavlov's Dogs (with D.L. Snell)
Thom Brannan also has a book titled Lords of Night which may or may not be a zombie novel, depending upon the perspective of the reader. Brannan and Snell see the categorization of  Pavlov's Dogs in slightly different ways, as do their fans. (See comments below)

Brannan maintains a website at Dark Tomorrow
He also contributes to the Permuted Press Authors' Blog- Permuted Underground

About Thom Brannan


Thom Brannan was born in Chicago and now lives near Austin, Texas with his wife Kitty and his two children. He is an Affiliate Member of the Horror Writers Association. Brannan is a freelance editor for Permuted Press and others. He also works on an offshore drilling platform.

Thom Brannan's first novel idea was based on zombies. He says "I had an idea for a short story, which was kind of a blender of 'The Running Man' and Dawn of the Dead. It wasn't exactly original, but it was fun." As things turned out, that short story developed in to a book, which then took a different turn, and never quite made it into print.

Brannan has since collaborated with D.L. Snell to produce the novel Pavlov's Dogs. Pavlov's Dogs  pits werewolves against zombies in an all-out war. The novel has received good reviews from fellow authors and the public alike:
PAVLOV’S DOGS has it all. Genetically-engineered werewolves, hordes of flesh-eating zombies, and enough action to give you a heart attack. Grab this with both hands! —Jonathan Maberry
Relentless in its pacing and violence, crazed in its inventiveness, spontaneous in its humor, PAVLOV’S DOGS is a horror adventure of the highest order…a masterwork. Prepare yourself, because Brannan and Snell are about to get your heart racing! —Joe McKinney, author of FLESH EATERS
Thom Brannan is the author and  dedicated Z.A. Recht fan  who helped to complete the third book in The Morningstar Saga after Recht's untimely death. Brannan was always a true fan of Z. A. Recht:
"Z.A. Recht's Morningstar Saga was what got me reading zombie books. Plague of the Dead was my first in the genre, and it struck a fire in me. It also set the bar high. To be involved in finally finishing out the trilogy was an honor and a privilege. The fans at the MSS Forums and on Facebook have been great; I couldn't have asked for more support."

 What Makes Thom Brannan Unique?

One thing that makes Mr. Brannan unique is his work on Survivors. I asked him to tell me a little more about that process. Brannan explains:
"Permuted Press and the Recht family were looking for someone to arrange the story parts and notes Z had left behind for Survivors. The first thing I did was to take all the things he'd done and read them, re-arranging them into the right order and re-inserting some deleted scenes, which would need reworking and some exposition to fit back in. Once the Powers That Be were happy with that, I submitted an outline of how I would finish the novel and the trilogy. While I waited to hear back, I started work. Ipso facto Columbo, here we are. I can't say (because I don't know) who else was in the running to finish the novel."
In June of 2012, when the book was released,  Mary Rajotte reported on Brannan's approach. she quoted him as saying:
“The majority, almost the totality of the storyline is Z.A. Recht. I used every scene, every scrap of character background, every note that was handed over to me to maximize the Z quotient of the novel. Some of them had to be manipulated to fit, and it is my great hope that, in the end, no one will be able to tell who wrote what.”
This unique experience is part of what makes Thom Brannan stand out as an individual. 

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