Zombie Author Wayne Simmons

 Zombie Author Wayne Simmons

Wayne Simmons is the author of four zombie novels:

Drop Dead Gorgeous 
Doll Parts

Flu is available in audio format from Tantor Audio

Simmons also contributed the short story "One Dead Whore" to  Holiday of the Dead

About Wayne Simmons

Wayne Simmons was born in Belfast, Ireland. He  currently lives in Wales with his "ghoulfiend." The two have a Jack Russell Terrier they've named Dita. Before publishing his first novel in 2008, Simmons wrote reviews and interviews for several online magazines.  he also has many years of experience in editing training materials as well as magazines. Wayne Simmons has a strong interest in the art of tattooing. As of 2013, his work has been translated and published in at least half a dozen  different countries.

 Simmons' work has a strong impact on readers. They often seem to describe being sucked into the storyline in spite of all other distractions.  Most of those who review his books online describe the remarkable power of his books.  Some reviewers use terms like "pistol-whipped" and "smacked in the face with a telephone directory" when they describe the experience of reading Flu. For a zombie author, that is high praise.  

Visit the author's website at  Wayne Simmons.

What Makes Wayne Simmons Unique?

Wayne Simmons is the first zombie author I have encountered who also offers editing services on his website. Simmons has more than a decade of editing experience. He's worked with government organizations, individual authors, and publishing companies.

Simmons says he desires to help fiction writers find their voices. He wants to help them shape their own voices as authors and the voices of their characters.  As I read the description of services, I got the sense that Simmons would be an adept teacher for aspiring writers.  That's not what makes him unique, though, in my view.

What makes Wayne Simmons unique is that he seems to be able to bridge both the traditional publishing realm and the burgeoning  independent fiction market. Add to that his ability to work with nonfiction manuscripts, and that collection of abilities becomes even more unusual. This zombie author can also act as editor for nonfiction, for novices, for experts, for publishing houses, for corporations, and for independent presses. That makes him a pretty versatile editor.

In researching zombie authors, I've come to expect individuals with diverse sets of skills. I've come to expect authors to have at least two vastly different facets in their lives.  What makes Wayne Simmons interesting is that he has a diverse set of skills within a single realm.  I think I probably should have asked him to edit these four paragraphs.

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