Zombie Author Z. A. Recht

Zombie Author Z.A. Recht 


Z. A. Recht is the author of the Morningstar Saga series of zombie novels:

Plague of the Dead

Thunder and Ashes

Survivors (with Thom Brannan)

About Z. A. Recht

Zachary Allen Recht  was only 26 when he died in December of 2009. He was well loved and respected by his fellow authors and his family.

Z.A. Recht lived in West Virginia. A former member of the Army, Recht won the Sharpshooter competition while in boot camp at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. He graduated from boot camp as 1st Squad Leader.

In 2007, Z.A. Recht worked as a staff writer for The Journal, a newspaper in West Virginia.
At the time of his death, Z.A. Recht was working full-time as an author. His novels had been picked up by both Permuted Press and Simon & Schuster.

Recht had a devoted following of readers.  Many of them became equally devoted friends. This may have come as a result of interaction on the Morningstar Saga website.  Zachary maintained the website, which also had an active discussion forum. On that site, he was known simply as "Z." 

Along with writing, he was in the process of clearing land and building a home on several acres of property in West Virginia.

Z. A. Recht finished two novels in the Morningstar Saga before he passed away. Recht completed Plague of the Dead and Thunder and Ashes Fellow author (and dedicated fan) Thom Brannan  helped to finish the third novel in the series, Survivors (The Morningstar Strain). 

What Makes  Z. A. Recht Unique?

Although he passed away in 2009, Z.A. Recht still has a strong presence online. There are memorials to him written by several of his fellow authors.

Recht's words are still present on The Morningstar Saga website. It's a very interesting site. Recht's short story called "The Last Hurrah" is posted there. The forum has posts from "Z" that go back several years prior to 2009. Reading the posts is much like reading a story. It's possible to see the growth and change in the participants over the years. The devlopment of "Z" as an author is also evident. I have to admit that it was a bit chilling to see the "Last Post" date and time.  Permuted Press took over the management of the Morningstar Saga site and discussion forum in 2010. The forum is still active.

There are many, many people who have poured out heartfelt responses to Z.A. Recht's life and work....on many forums, not just the Morningstar one. I've read most of them. There are sad, amusing, contentious, enthusiastic, and informative posts all over the web. Each paints a small part of the picture that was Z. A. Recht.

Z.A. Recht: Five Descriptive Links

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