Free Zombie Books: The Zombie Fest Free eBook Bonanza

Gary Munford has organized the Zombie Fest Free eBook Bonanza as a Facebook Event on April 24th, 2013.

Visit the event's  Facebook Page  to join and get FREE ZOMBIE BOOKS ALL DAY LONG from some incredible authors. The event is growing daily, so be sure to jump in now.

The event currently has over 300 attendees-- and it's still more than 10 days away.  I'd say that it is generating some interest. I asked Gary a few questions the other day.

First, let's do the basics...
Who is organizing this event?
I am with help from a few other group members from Free Horror eBooks, and some very talented writers.
What is its purpose?
To introduce fans and writers… sort of a mixer if you will. I want zombie fans to find new books to read, and writers to get to know other writers in their genre. I also want writers and readers alike to get a chance to mix things up with each other and solidify the bond that binds us… zombies.
Where and When will it be held?
It will be held April 24 as an online Facebook event. It is set for 12.5 hours but we can extend it if we need too. I’ve taken 2 days off work to run this party.
Why did you organize the event?
I just wanted to help people. I wanted to help writers make some new connections which equals sales, and help some zombie fans find some new writers to add to their Amazon wish list.
How many authors do you expect will be involved?
I only expected about 30 or so, but we are at 80 right now and still climbing. We also have zombie artists, crafters, and musicians attending the event and giving things away. I’ve invited some of the Walking Dead cast and George Romero but that might just be wishful thinking on my part (Michael Rooker, Norman Reedus, are you listening?)
What kinds of items are you offering?
Signed Books, eBooks, Jewelry, Signed art, and various other zombie related swag. We have a few prizes for fans to be characters in upcoming books, and we have many writers donating short stories to be put into an anthology ebook to be given away to everyone just for this event. We can thank Catt Dahman for coming up with that awesome idea.
Will certain electronic versions of books be free all day, or just at certain times? How will people be able to obtain the eBooks?
Most books will be offered as contest prizes. We will hold random drawings and some authors will decide how they want to give the prize away. I foresee some interesting contests going on for this event. We have a few writers offering their books free all day for the event as well. Most ebooks will be obtained via the authors/publishers themselves. I myself am sponsoring about $60 dollars worth of ebooks that will be given away via amazon gift option.
Why should people sign up now?
They should sign up now to get in on the pre-party going on and meet some really talented writers and wonderful humans. These guys all love their fans, and I hope this event will show them that their fans love them too. They should also sign up because there are some really awesome prizes on the table… and a free exclusive anthology.
What kinds of interesting discussions are happening on the page right now?
There are so many going on… you name it, it’s being discussed. That’s the great thing about this event, it’s like a big cookout where only horror and zombie fanatics are showing up.
What else would you like us to know about the Zombie Fest eBook Bonanza?
I’d like everyone to know that there hasn’t been a privately run event like this or this big on FB that I know of. This event is bigger than any one writer or reader.
It’s about ALL of us.
It’s about writers and readers connecting and making new friends.
It’s about fanatical zombie readers finding new books they’ve never heard of.
It’s about you and me, and them and us.
It’s about zombies.