Where He Writes: Zombie Author Armand Rosamilia

Zombie author Armand Rosamilia describes the locations that inspired and surrounded him while he wrote Dying Days zombie series.

Amazingly, the location in the story and the location I actually wrote it are one and the same…

I was driving home from somewhere, heading south on A1A in Florida between St. Augustine and Flagler Beach and 

blasting the radio and looking at the beach and the waves. 

Since I'm always in writing mode and always a bit twisted, I had a vision of a zombie coming out of the surf. The juxtaposition of this rotting corpse on this gorgeous stretch of sand. I pulled over, got out the laptop, and banged out the first 1,500 words of what would become Dying Days.

I sit Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until about 1:00 pm in a great little place called
Kokomo's CafĂ©   
in Flagler Beach Florida

Yes, this is the real Kokomo's Cafe.
Visit  their Facebook page

sipping good coffee, eating three-cheese panini sandwiches or hot pastrami on fresh rolls, and enjoying a six-layer carrot cake from time to time. I even squeeze in some actual writing, hitting my daily 2,000 word goal, and people watching. I need the background noise and no 'real life' distractions like cleaning, laundry, etc. at home.

That location will be featured in Dying Days 3, which I am writing as we speak… or, read… whatever. 

In Dying Days 3:

Kokomo's Cafe has been looted, all the great muffins and cappuccino long gone, but the structure is still intact. 

The windows have been boarded up and you can see the tell-tale signs from when the zombies attempted to get inside, with blood, broken wood, and loose fingernails littering the ground outside…