Zombie Author Brian Pinkerton

Zombie Author Brian Pinkerton

Brian Pinkerton is the author of the zombie novels:

How I Started the Apocalypse
How I Started the Apocalypse, Book Two:The Hunger War

and the mosquito-zombie short story:

"SWAT" in Zombie Zoology

About Brian Pinkerton

Brian Pinkerton holds a B.A. from the University of Iowa and a Master's Degree from Northwestern University. He lives in the North Shore area of Chicago, where he also works in business communications. The son of an English teacher, Brian Pinkerton has been writing for as long as he can remember.

Pinkerton describes the publication of his first zombie novel:
The first time I held a copy of How I Started the Apocalypse, I knew I had entered the outrageous world of the zombie genre and there was no turning back. In print, the smiley face with the bullet wound looked extra big and extra absurd – which I liked. It helps alert the reader that there is a twisted sense of humor waiting inside.

I proudly put the book on my bookshelf alongside my other published works. My kids were mildly impressed.
Brian Pinkerton maintains a website: The Brian Pinkerton Projects

What Makes Brian Pinkerton Unique

Handwriting. Black ink on white notebook paper. That's what makes Brian Pinkerton unique.  Pinkerton writes all his first drafts out in longhand, on lined paper.  Then he does the second draft. Nope, he doesn't type the second draft. He writes that one out, too.

As he puts it:
"I handwrite my novels. Yes, this is the 21st Century and I have modern technology at my disposal. No, I’m not crazy. Well… that’s open to debate.
In any case, I do scrawl the first two drafts of my novels in black ink on white notebook paper. Then I somehow convince (coerce) my wife into typing the next draft into the computer. I continue editing for another draft or two.
The first handwritten draft is often hilarious because it is so bad and messy. A normal person would throw the pages out. But I toss them in a box."
Pinkerton's sequel to  How I Started the Apocalypse is well past the handwriting stages. It was released in October 2013. He looks forward to sharing his work across electronic and print formats.
These days, with fewer bookstores and smaller shelf space for books in other retail outlets, I’m less apt to witness my books in public settings. Now the thrill is the wide reach of the eBook editions to all corners of the globe. I recently received a fan letter from a reader in Bangladesh. And I have new Facebook friends in assorted languages!
There's just one other unique fact about him: Brian Pinkerton is, in fact, distantly related to the creator of The Pinkerton Agency- the first detective agency established in the U.S.

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