Zombie Author D. L. Snell

Zombie Author D.L. Snell

D.L. Snell is the author of full-length zombie novels:
Pavlov's Dogs  (with Thom Brannan)
Roses of Blood on Barbwire Vines

and zombie novellas:
"Skin and Bones" in The Undead 2: Skin and Bones
"Mortal Gods" in The Undead: Headshot Quartet

as well as zombie stories and collections:
"Pale Moonlight" in The Undead (also Editor)
The Undead: Flesh Feast (Editor)
“Suzy Polenski’s Panties” in Zombology: A Zombie Anthology
“Limbless Bodies Swaying" in Cold Flesh (out of print)

About D. L. Snell

D. L. Snell has made many thoughtful contributions to the zombie genre. He's an author, editor, forum moderator, and blogger. He's been closely connected to some of the best writers in the genre for almost a decade.  Snell gives writing/publishing advice to authors at D.L.'s Market Scoops. He's highly qualified to give such advice, with an impressive range of experience.

D.L. Snell's contributions to The Undead make him connected to the foundation of Permuted Press. Permuted Press was created in 2004 for the purpose of publishing The Undead anthology. Snell was one of the compiling editors of that collection. He also contributed the story "Pale Moonlight" to the volume.

As an editor at Permuted, Snell enjoyed having the opportunity to work with many authors:

"I learned a ton, and I always strived to do a stand-up job providing comprehensive feedback for the authors...It was a great learning experience, and I got to edit some fantastic books, like Kim Paffenroth’s DYING TO LIVE series, David Wong’s JOHN DIES AT THE END, and more recently Thom Brannan’s upcoming SAD WINGS OF DESTINY."
Snell has worked closely with Thom Brannan in other ways than just editing. The two co-wrote the acclaimed Pavlov's Dogs.  Their collaboration earned high praise from Jonathan Maberry, who urged readers to "Grab this with both hands!" Joe McKinney said the book was  "Relentless in its pacing and violence, crazed in its inventiveness, (and) spontaneous in its humor." Brannan and Snell continue to work together, and may be drafting a new co-written book soon.

Snell is already at work on new projects that don't involve zombies. But we don't talk about those here. (Keep an eye out in September, 2013)

What Makes D. L. Snell Unique?

D. L. Snell doesn't always write about zombies, but when he does... he prefers to write them as monsters.

D.L. Snell is unique in the world of zombie authors because he's able to think of zombies as a form of monster. He can imagine scenarios that pit such monsters against one another.

Snell credits the classic I am Legend as part of the inspiration for this approach. Snell knows what few others do--that George Romero's Night of the Living Dead zombies may have actually had their genesis in Richard Matheson's work. Snell explains:

With the exception of a few short stories, most of my zombie material mixes in other beasts. This is where Matheson influenced me the most—indirectly.

When I first read I AM LEGEND, I enjoyed the zombie-like treatment of Matheson’s vampires. As it turns out, though, LEGEND supposedly inspired Romero’s zombies. So it isn't that Matheson's vampires are zombie-like... it's that Romero's zombies are actually vampire-like.

Anyway, this all got me thinking... What if zombies and vampires had to fight over a food source? This “what if?” spawned my short story in which the last vampire races against a horde of zombies to claim the last-known man alive."
Snell took the ideas that inspired and kept going: "From there, I just kept dreaming up “versus” concepts, like zombies vs. superheroes, and more recently, zombies vs. werewolves."

Perhaps another thing that makes Snell unique is the fact that he can get away with calling Jacob Kier "a crybaby" without provoking a fight.

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