Zombie Author Flash! Fiction by Eloise J. Knapp


Eloise J. Knapp

Glass shatters downstairs. Didn't have anything to board up the windows.

Hold tight to the kids. Tell them it's going to be okay.

Hear his screams as he tries to distract them.

Kiss the kids' heads. Close the closet door.

See the wood splinter, feel them tearing flesh from bones.

Closing eyes
         can't care

Eloise J. Knapp is a student at Seattle University. She will graduate  this year with a degree in graphic design and a minor in creative writing. 

Knapp began writing The Undead Situation when she was 16 years old. Soon after it was self-published, Permuted Press made an offer. and then  re-released a new version of the novel.

The sequel, titled The Undead Haze  will be published this month.

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