Zombie Author H.E. Goodhue

Zombie Author H.E. Goodhue

H.E. Goodhue is the author of the Zombie Youth novels:

Zombie Youth: Playground Politics
Zombie Youth: Borrowed Time

Both novels are published by Severed Press of Australia.

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About H.E. Goodhue

H.E. Goodhue lives in New Jersey with his wife and daughter. The family has two "hard headed" pit bulls as pets.

Henry Goodhue is a sixth grade teacher at an intermediate school. It is probably his experience with young people that has contributed to his visions of survival in the zombie apocalypse:
"Personally, I believe that the plasticity of children's understanding of the world and inherent resiliency make them more suited to survive a zombie outbreak compared to their adult counterparts."
H.E. Goodhue began writing horror stories when he was around eight years old. The stories helped him cope with recurrent nightmares. Within a few short years, Goodhue was an avid reader of horror, with a penchant for classic authors like Edgar Rice Burroughs and H.G. Wells. He also learned to appreciate Richard Matheson a bit later on.

Goodhue's current influences are a bit closer to home. David Dunwoody, Mark Tufo, and David Moody have made an impact on his creative work. He says that "Not only are they exceptional authors, but they also have a unique balance of humility and talent that is not often found." Goodhue himself seems to have that same balance. He comes across as  a devoted family man with a pleasant and unassuming sense of humor.

What Makes H.E. Goodhue Unique?

Because he is so down-to-earth, H.E. Goodhue doesn't really think he's unique.  He's a vegetarian, which, he says, might cause some problems if he were a zombie. But he doesn't think it is particularly unique.

True. But how many vegetarian sixth grade teachers do you know who can also build a trebuchet in the back yard? Or a catapult? Or a rocket? Goodhue can. His father (a civil engineer) builds these contraptions along with him. This fascination made its way into his books in the character of Ronnie. Most of the things Ronnie concocts are things that Goodhue has built with his father.

Sixth grade teacher, builder of contraptions, vegetarian, doting father and husband, zombie author. You don't see that every day.

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