Zombie Author Rhiannon Frater

Zombie Author Rhiannon Frater

Frater is the author of The Last Bastion of the Living: A Futuristic Zombie Novel  named  by Barnes and  Noble as the number one zombie novel of the decade.

Rhiannon Frater is author of  the As the World Dies series:
The First Days
Fighting to Survive
 As The World Dies: Untold Tales
Volume 1 and Volume 2

The mass market paperback edition of Siege: As The World Dies Book 3 will be released on April 30, 2013.

About Rhiannon Frater

Rhiannon Frater is a Texan, through and through. After traveling and living in many different towns across the state, Frater settled down in Austin. In Austin, she met her husband and also took a job as a consultant for a governmental agency. The job required a good deal of travel.  On overnight trips, Rhiannon Frater spent the evening hours writing  stories.  That was when the idea for her zombie series first came to her.  At the time, she had no idea where the story would take her.

From an online forum, to self-publishing, to mass market paperbacks, Rhiannon Frater has developed memorable characters that keep fans emotionally enganged.
"...through all the incarnations of As the World Dies, the fans have let me know what they consider the strength of the story and why they love it. Oftentimes the readers talk about how real the characters felt to them, almost like they are friends or family. They worry over them when the characters go into dangerous situations and mourn them if/when they die."
Frater and her husband have many "furry babies," otherwise known as pets. She also "loves to dye her hair bright funky colors, has an addiction to Betsey Johnson purses, loves margaritas at her favorite Mexican restaurant, watches Netflix way too much, and has a healthy love of the horror genre."

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What Makes Rhiannon Frater Unique?

Rhiannon Frater has broken new ground in the zombie genre, then broken it again.  She was among the first women to gain a strong foothold in the market, with a brand-new vision for zombie books:
"When I first wrote As the World Dies in 2005 as an online serial, I was one of very few women writing in the genre. It was heavily dominated by men and there were a lot of tropes to the genre that I didn’t like. Most stories were of a lone gunman wandering the post-apocalyptic wastelands. Women were minor characters that were usually disposable love interests. I tend to write what I want to read, so I was pleasantly surprised when people responded favorably to my story about two women that were not about to wait around for a man to come rescue them. Both were capable of saving themselves and each other."
Her series, As the World Dies, features a scene that is one of the  most chilling and disturbing openings of any zombie novel. That goes for both male and female authors.

So what can an author do to follow up those two feats?

How about...A futuristic zombie novel? How about... having that book come in at number one on Barnes & Noble's Top 20 zombie novels.... of the DECADE. All this after only eight years of publishing.
"Looking back over the last eight years and seeing how far the genre has come and my small part in it is very exciting. I’m so thrilled that the genre that was once so heavily dominated by men now has many wonderful female writers turning out extraordinary books. I’m blessed to be part of this community."
I think she likes zombies just as much as she likes zombie authors: "...Even in my other works I always manage to sneak a zombie or two into the mix. I can’t help it. I love my zombies."

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