Zombie Author Sean Schubert

Zombie Author Sean Schubert

Sean Schubert is the author of the Alaskan Undead Apocalypse zombie series

Infection: Alaskan Undead Apocalypse

Containment: Alaskan Undead Apocalypse II

A third book is soon to  be released, with a fourth already in the works. These books are published by Permuted Press

About Sean Schubert

Sean Schubert has lived  in Anchorage, Alaska since 1993. After earning his degree in English from Wabash college that year, Schubert immediately relocated to Alaska.

It's clear that he enjoys and appreciates his new home. Schubert makes Alaska itself an integral part of his unfolding series. The people of Alaska respond to hardship with equanimity. Sean Schubert says:
"Alaska poses its own set of challenges separate from the unfolding zombie plague. The cold, the wildlife, the environment, and the distance all challenge its residents; the addition of zombies to the mix just ups the ante. I try to introduce the elements without being too heavy handed about it. Alaskans typically take things as they come with regard to those environmental challenges, so the growing cold, the gathering darkness, and even zombies are, after certain adjustments, taken in stride. It’s just part of the survival mentality of the Last Frontier."
 The Alaska Undead Apocalypse is an evolving storyline that currently involves four books. Three have been completed, and a fourth is in process. The characters, plot, and conflicts seemed to build upon one another naturally in the process of creation. Schubert explains: "The ongoing apocalypse’s evolution continues to drive the characters the same way as it does my writing."

What Makes Sean Schubert Unique?

Sean Schubert is an avid soccer player, having participated in the sport for nearly 40 years. Since Sean was born in 1970, that means he's been playing soccer almost his entire life.

Team sports influence the way he writes about survival in his zombie novels:
"I have learned that in order to win, every player has to lean on others regardless of skill. My characters are the same way. Each brings something different to their group which helps them all stay alive for at least one day more. In the apocalypse, time, after all, is measured by the moment."
He goes on to explain that, in such survival situations, it's not the superstars that interest him, it's the ordinary man. Much like a player on a team, it's the everyday person who must work through the conflicts to bring the group to victory- or in this case, survival.
"The stories I craft tend to pay more attention to the common man...there are, after all, a hell of a lot more of those than there are the others. It’s the common man’s response to the disaster stimuli that I find so interesting. It’s those characters who don’t realize that they too possess all that is needed to survive an apocalypse, but often their survival is dependent upon cooperation with other people."
Sean Schubert is a team player. He appreciates what it takes to be a team player. Even (and especially) in the  story of a zombie apocalypse.

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