Zombie Author Vincenzo Bilof

Zombie Author Vincenzo Bilof

Vincenzo Bilof is the author of

Nightmare of the Dead

Necropolis Now

Under a Red Sun

Bilof has also published short stories in a number of small-press anthologies. His favorite of these  is "To Eat the Little Things" from Zombie Buffet.

About Vincenzo Bilof

Vincenzo Bilof lives in Detroit, Michigan with his family. As he describes it:  "When he's not chasing his kids around the house or watching bad horror films, he reads and reviews horror fiction."

In Necropolis Now, Vincenzo Bilof  depicts  Detroit as a city that collapses because of mass hysteria, not just slow-moving zombies. The city's flaws are exposed under the stress of the zombie threat. It's the people, though, who cause the most destruction.  His characters are flawed, too.  As Mr. Bilof puts it, many of them are already "past the point of no return" to the point that they glory in the society's destruction.  Bilof explores the possibility that "The Good People Might Not Survive" in further detail on his blog.

 Nightmare of the Dead mixes history with zombies. Set duing the civil war, the book begins with a mystery woman who awakens on a train, with no idea who she is or where she belongs. In this story, the zombies are created by a poison gas, not the usual virus. They behave somewhat differently, too.

Vincenzo Bilof is a member of the Horror Writers Association.

What Makes Vincenzo Bilof Unique?

Bilof cites two sources for his inspiration: poetry and dreams.
"The majority of my literary inspiration for writing zombie fiction is actually derived from poetry, including the works of T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, and Charles Baudelaire. I perceive zombie literature as a relevant genre that has strong literary elements often left unexplored; it's a genre that should be taken seriously, so I use literature as my foundation."
Bilof's appreciation of poetry and his dreams are combined in his approach to fiction.  He often thinks of scenes in his novels based on their overall emotion or theme.
"As silly or cliche as it might sound, I've always had vivid dreams. I'm not going to say I'm clairvoyant or that my dreams are anything but dreams; my fiction is derived from a series of images, and that is where a lot of my ideas originate. I visualize events and write about what I see, rather that designing a plot or characters from the ground up. I like to think that each paragraph I write should be a picture; I like to think I'm painting with words rather than with a brush."
Oddly enough, many of his dreams are actually nightmares. But those have been great for inspiring his zombie fiction. At The Indie List, Bilof  describes the intensity of one of his nightmares and how it shows up in his zombie creations.

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