Zombie Editor Felicia A. Sullivan

Zombie Editor Felicia A. Sullivan

Felicia Sullivan has 20 years of experience as an editor. She first became involved in editing zombie novels through her connection with Rhiannon Frater.  Sullivan read Rhiannon Frater's As the World Dies, then posted a review on Amazon.

Sullivan has now edited over fifty zombie books. Some of those have come to her directly from the authors. Others come from her work with several independent publishers, including Permuted Press. In the zombie genre, she says that
"A good editor will also make sure the science makes sense; that the “cause” of the outbreak is believable and the disease/illness/virus works in a realistic way. And sometimes, just sometimes, you remove some of the clichés because they are so….cliché.

About Felicia A. Sullivan

Sullivan lives in Silver Spring, Maryland with her husband Victor and four of their six children. Their blended family has siblings who range in age from 11 to 20, and two large dogs.

Felicia Sullivan works full-time as a freelance editor. I asked for her thoughts on errors in English. She mentioned that her top three concerns include "poor spelling, improper word uses (your/you’re, its/it’s, their/there/they’re, horde/hoard) and poor grammar." She's also partial to the Oxford comma. Her chief concern is the inappropriate use of internet slang:
My number one pet peeve in contemporary English language is “textspeak”. LEARN THE LANGUAGE, and stop trying to WRITE A BOOK like you are THUMBING A TEXT. Because “da zombs iz on da way” just does NOT have the same intelligence as “The zombie apocalypse has begun.”
She's not a member of the grammar police, though. In her opinion, as part of the process of editing a zombie novel:
"You have to decide which bad grammar to leave in, because the zombie apocalypse will not discriminate, and some people who survive will indeed have bad grammar. But you also want to make the book both readable and enjoyable for people who do have good grammar without turning them off."
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What Makes Felicia A. Sullivan Unique?

I asked a question that would, I hoped, inspire a unique answer. I asked Ms. Sullivan what she thought might happen in a hypothetical scenario. Her answer was most amusing. (I swear, when I asked the question, I had not read this,)

If the zombie outbreak first started at a conference for horror writers, would it be quashed immediately? What would happen?
HAHA! Good question! Mostly because nearly every one of the horror writers, and particularly the zombie writers, has some Plan of Action they would follow in the event of a zombie outbreak. In their plans, they are all badass heroes and survivors. But seriously? I have been to many horror conventions, and it already looks like the outbreak has happened, so who would even know if it was real? Like, there are people walking around with oozing wounds and bite marks and shiny gory innards hanging out, and they are pretending to attack people. So if it was to suddenly turn REAL, how would we even know? I think it would be a minute before anyone realized sh*t had just got real. And by then, it would probably be too late to do much about it, being trapped in a hotel convention room with a horde of people, not knowing who was truly the enemy, and only having fake weapons and all.

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