Zombie Publisher Severed Press

Zombie Publisher Severed Press

Severed Press has published numerous zombie titles.

Five representative novels:

The Longest Road, by A.S. Thompson

Survival Instinct: A Zombie Novel by Kristal Stittle

900 Miles by S. Johnathan Davis

White Flag of the Dead by Joe Talluto

Reign of the Dead: Outbreak by Len Barnhart

Severed Press
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About Severed Press

Severed Press is located in Australia. The company is a leading publisher of trade paperbacks and ebooks in the horror genre. They have a strong reputation, demonstrating a commitment to both new and established authors. Their work has earned respect because of its excellent quality.

According to the Severed Press public statement:
We are dedicated to delivering a high standard of product and will soon be expanding into new genres. We are proud of the diversity of our authors and aim in continuing to build strong relationships worldwide. Authors include seasoned masters of horrors such as Tim Curran, Mark Tufo and Wrath James White to best selling newcomers Joesph Talluto and Sean T. Page.

What Makes Severed Press Unique

 Severed Press began with an anthology of fish stories. The founder, Gary, had just finished reading a book he enjoyed. He wanted to read more, but there were no other books like that available. So he started a publishing company and produced Dead Bait in 2011.

 Read a free story ("Piraya" by Tim Curran) from Dead Bait on the Severed Press website.

On the website, also find "SWAT" by Brian Pinkerton. 

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