Distance, By Gareth Wood

This is the first installment of a six-part serial. Each installment is exactly 55 words long. Each installment fits the zombie author flash guidelines.

Gareth Wood
The van shuddered to a halt, gasping its last on the baking asphalt. She stared at the road, the winding black pavement that loomed ahead.

Resigned, wishing for one more cup, one more drop of fuel, she gathered her things.

"No going back," she said to herself. Only the dead lay behind her.

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Gareth Wood is the author of the zombie novels:

Age of the Dead

Wood posts regularly on his Facebook page. Keep up with his latest releases and learn more of the backstory to his books.

Intriguingly, Gareth Wood is one of the few zombie authors who was published in Spain before he was ever published in English. This fact is made more interesting because Wood is a resident of CANADA, and doesn't speak a word of Spanish.

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