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With Stephanie Lundsford, Chief of Acquisitions, J. Ellington Ashton Press

A few weeks ago, Gary Munford created a Facebook event to promote and give away zombie books.  He called it the Zombie Fest Free eBooks Bonanza. That event was a rousing success, drawing over 600 participants and  bringing zombie authors together from all across the globe.

Inspired by the Zombie Fest Free eBooks Bonanza, a few authors banded together to publish an anthology. That collaboration led to the incorporation of J. Ellington Ashton Press, a new publishing venture managed by Catt Dahman, T.L. Decay, along with Stephanie Lundsford, Mark Woods, Jeremy Dick, and Sandra Smith.

I  recently had the opportunity to ask Stephanie Lundsford a few questions about their new company,  J. Ellington Ashton Press

J. Ellington Ashton is a new type of press 
and is more of a club than anything else.

--Stephanie Lundsford, Chief Acquisitions

How did the idea for J. Ellington Ashton come about?
In the 1950’s, Catt Dahman’s father, a junior attaché for Lyndon Johnson was travelling in Europe. He wrote about his travels, using as J Ellington Ashton as a pseudonym. Over 60 years later, the concept of the company returns to bring writers together and encourage fraternity,

How did the Zombie Fest Free eBooks Bonanza bring you all together?
J. Ellington Ashton came about after the Zombie Book Bonanza because that was the huge (600+) Facebook event where Catt met the perfect people to hire for the company.

T L Decay became a co-owner immediately.

After Stephanie Lunsford jumped on board to help with the eBooks Bonanaza, Catt felt she was more than capable of doing all executive work: editing, acquiring and working with clients, etc. Stephanie is quite a people person with a likable personality.

Mark Woods was Catt’s personal reviewer already. Catt thought he was the best choice to review and edit the UK division. Mark has a very great eye for character development and great story lines.

Jeremy Dick is a man who knows a little about everything. With his brilliance, he is the go-to guy who helps make choices on US manuscripts.

Can you share  the names of some of J. Ellington Ashton's zombie authors?
JEA has signed Daniel J Williams for three books in the Mace of the Apocalypse series. Williams is the one who writes sharp, cutting -edge with a super-strong character voice.

Josh Hilden is another author signed with JEA . He has brilliant plots and memorable characters.

Ian Woodhead is the author of Spores. His writing is the kind that starts conversations and intriques you as well as makes you question things

T L Decay and Catt Dahman continue to write zombie novels as well.

We are also in works on contracts with a few more authors! JEA actually has a full load right now, but will continue to look at submissions so no one is turned away without an editor/ reading team giving a manuscript careful consideration.
Will there be new events to promote your zombie books?
With the help of wonderful Gary Munford and the JEA staff, we are already working to have another zombie event. This one will be twice as large- which will be amazing. Last time, the event gave away about 300 gifts.

Three of the J. Ellington Ashton writers are part of the ZombiePalooza Press anthology.

Six J. Ellington Ashton authors and staff are involved in ZombiePalooza Radio with the lovely Jackie Chin.

Catt Dahman is searching out conventions. She will be at Zombie Con in San Antonio with Rhiannon Frater and Bowie Ibarra in October, and Dan Williams has a convention as well. Catt is contracted for 14 books through Severed Press but has their blessings. They (Severed Press) will certainly be looking more closely at any author JEA has mentored.
What would you like readers to know about your fledgling company?
J. Ellington Ashton is a new type of press and is more of a club than anything else. T L Decay and Catt Dahman run J. Ellington Ashton with the help of a dedicated and exceptional staff:
Stephanie Lundsford (Chief of Acquisitions)
Mark Woods (UK Division)
Jeremy Dick (US Division)
Sandra Smith (Romance Editor)
 JEA also works with the best artists in the business.
A writer signing on gets a standard contract comparable to other presses, but it is for a shorter time. Authors are assigned two editors who help get the manuscript in perfect order. They are then publicized via several media outlets and encouraged to attend conventions. J. Ellington Ashton's authors also have a private area to talk, share ideas, participate in press activities, and have fun.
How is  J. Ellington Ashton different from other publishing groups?
JEA is hands-on. There are always at least two editors working on each manuscript. All of us are involved and aware of the writer and the work. None of us is unreachable. and We keep a helpful website with all of our books, a page for our authors and staff.

JEA has a full and an easy submission page that take one button. The page has a place for authors to check status at ANY time. There is a page for helpful resources and a place for anyone to blog. We not only edit the books but we walk the authors through the edits and why to help them learn from their mistakes so their future works, whether those are with us or not, are more polished.

While JEA does have a manuscript or two either contracted and being edited or being considered for publication in every genre, we won’t close submissions. We want to see what people have out there. Instead of just random Indie authors being alone, J. Ellington Ashton can give them a real home. T L and Catt are dedicated to discovering real talent, honing it, and showing it off; they take nothing but the highest quality. If an author had been turned down by a company, that author should try JEA because J. Ellington Ashton looks at an author's potential.

When is your next zombie release planned?
We are in the process of finishing the last bit of editing on a couple of manuscripts and there will be a re-release on those once the polished look is finished.
Visit the J. Ellington Ashton Website or Email jellingtonashton@aol.com