What Is A Zombie Author?

What Is A Zombie Author?

In order to be included in the Zombie Authors Blog, authors must meet all the following guidelines. Authors who do not yet meet all these criteria may contribute to Zombie Fiction, Free Zombie Books, or Free Zombie Fiction.

A zombie author...

Is an established author with a demonstrated readership.

The author's following must be strong, stable and independent of bias or solicitation. Self-published, electronic, and digital-only works are included. The readership must be readily apparent to an outside observer.

Demonstrates professional editing quality in all publications.

All published work should be polished and professional.  Although literary merit is not evaluated, the author must demonstrate the ability to create coherent narratives that enhance the genre. The editing, format, appearance, and tone of an author's web presence also counts.

Keeps the focus on the living dead.

Zombies and/or the zombie apocalypse must be central to the narrative. The presence of zombies will advance the character, plot, setting, or theme. Although Zombie Authors is focused on adults, it does not handle "extreme" works or erotica.

The purpose of the Zombie Authors blog is to support zombie authors and enhance the zombie genre. 

Jule reserves the right to  editorial control over the blog, including the addition or deletion of authors at her discretion. Editorial decisions are based on the goal of the blog.

This definition was last updated on May 28, 2013.