Zombie Anthology: The Undead

The Undead: Zombie Anthology

Permuted Press, 2005

There are 23 stories here, many from relatively unknown authors. Well, they were unknown at the time, I think.

David Moody, successful author of the Hater series and the Autumn series, contributed a story called "Home" to the anthology.

David Dunwwody, author of the Empire trilogy, added one called "Grinning Samuel" to the collection.

A few of the other short stories included are:
Travis Adkins wrote the introduction and Brian Keene provided the afterword. Perhaps you aren't familiar with those authors. Mr. Keene is the author of The Rising series. Travis Adkins wrote Twilight of the Dead and also has editor credit on the Morningstar series, as well as many others.

Interesting fact:
Permuted Press was established for the sole purpose of publishing The Undead. Since then, the company has grown tremendously. But that's a different story. Read more about Permuted Press here.