Zombie Author Bryan Cassiday

Zombie Author Bryan Cassiday

Bryan Cassiday is the author of the zombie novels

Zombie Maelstrom

Zombie Necropolis

Sanctuary in Steel

The upcoming zombie novel Kill Ratio will be available in July, 2013.

About Bryan Cassiday

Bryan Cassiday is a Connecticut native who currently resides in California.  After 15 years of experience working for the federal government, Cassiday is now a full-time writer of horror and zombie fiction.  He holds a BA in English from UCLA.

Bryan Cassiday began writing stories and novels when he was 21 years old.  His work has recently drawn praise from several respected authors in the field.

"Cassiday blends thoughtful suspense and pulse-pounding terror to deliver a novel with both bite and creeping dread."
--David Dunwoody on SANCTUARY IN STEEL
"Written with the epic scope of WORLD WAR Z and infused with the gritty spook works derring-do of a Robert Ludlum spy thriller, SANCTUARY IN STEEL is full of zombie mayhem through and through."
--Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of FLESH EATERS

"SANCTUARY IN STEEL made me feel like I did the first time I watched Romero. Fresh, exciting and engaging like any outbreak story should be."
--Iain McKinnon, author of DOMAIN OF THE DEAD

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What Makes Bryan Cassiday Unique?

Cassiday cites Ernest Hemingway and James Joyce as his  main inspirations. As a student, he felt greatly encouraged when his 12th grade English teacher called one of his stories "Hemingwayesque." As a young man, he identified with  the character of Stephen Dedalus from James Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. 

Now that he is older, and an established author himself,  Bryan Cassiday has a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in exceptional writing.

When asked to give advice to young writers, he encourages them to experiment with their own imaginations. He's been known to say: "No one really KNOWS anything about writing even [great] writers." 

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