Zombie Author C. Dulaney

Zombie Author C. Dulaney

C. Dulaney is the author of the Roads Less Traveled zombie series:
The Plan 
Murphy's Law
The third book in the series, Shades of Gray, is due out from Permuted Press in June, 2013

About C. Dulaney

C. Dulaney is a resident of West Virginia. She enjoys hunting and watching football in her spare time. She doesn't think of herself as all that unusual:
"I like to hunt, been hunting most of my life. I fish on occasion. I like to play video games and watch movies to relax between writing sessions. When I'm not doing that, I spend a great deal of time with family and one or two close friends."
It's fitting that  Dulaney views herself as ordinary. She's able to capture the reaction of an ordinary worker at the start of the zombie apocalypse, and juxtapose it with the horror of the event. This is evident in an excerpt from The Plan:

 A couple of hours went by before I had any inkling something was wrong. I was in my office, pissing and moaning about the next project I had been assigned, when I heard what sounded like a scream come from down the hallway. I reacted in much the same way I assume anyone would react. I made a face, took another sip of coffee, and went back to the computer screen.
 What finally got my ass moving was seeing my lab assistant stumbling and falling down the hallway in front of my office (the wall separating me from the hall consisted of several floor-to-ceiling windows), with the janitor hanging onto her back for dear life. That's just weird even on an ordinary day. But this day the janitor was eating her neck, tearing and ripping at her flesh, blood gushing all over his face and down her back.

What Makes C. Dulaney Unique?

I asked Dulaney to describe her writing area, and what might happen to it after the zombie apocalypse:
My desk is pretty organized, considering. Lots of notebooks and pens, where I scribble down ideas and maybe a few doodles. A dictionary, thesaurus, and a huge road atlas book. A Mulder and Scully version of Barbie and Ken. A signed picture of Ken Foree. A little zombie figurine. The Death Star. Some business cards. Post-It notes stuck all over the place. A large map of the world covering the wall above it.
My desk 5 days after the zombie apocalypse would probably look exactly the same, plus 5 days worth of dust. I'd be too busy fortifying and relocating weapons around the house to worry about writing.

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