Zombie Author Jonathan Maberry

Zombie Author Jonathan Maberry

Jonathan Maberry is the author of the Rot and Ruin series of zombie novels:

Rot and Ruin

Dust and Decay

Fire and Ash

Flesh and Bone

He's also written:

Dead of Night

Patient Zero

Zombie CSU: The Forensics of the Living Dead

Maberry has also co-authored or contributed to:
Zombie Bits

Marvel Zombies Return

Triumph of the Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman's Epic on Page and Screen

About Jonathan Maberry

Jonathan Maberry lives with his wife in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He dedicates ALL his published works to Sara Jo. Sam West-Mensch is Maberry's stepson and the general manager of his writing business.

New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry writes comic books, magazine features, plays, web content, and, of course, zombie novels. He's received the Bram Stoker Award multiple times and has a strong readership in over 12 different countries.

Currently, his zombie novel Rot and Ruin is in development for a film. Rot and Ruin and the sequel, Dust and Decay both won Bram Stoker Awards

Mr. Maberry has written greeting cards, songs technical manuals and plays in addition to zombie novels. He is a board member of the River Union Stage, a professional equity theater based in Stockton, New Jersey.

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What Makes Jonathan Maberry Unique?

Jonathan Maberry hits the "nonfiction" portion of the zombie genre with equal impact. Jonathan Maberry:
Was an expert featured in the documentary Zombies: A Living History, produced by the History Channel.
Authored Zombie CSU: The Forensics of the Living Dead, which won the Hinzman and the Black Quill awards.
Wrote an essay called "Take Me to Your Leader" in Triumph of the Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman's Zombie Epic on Page and Screen- the nonfiction study edited by James Lowder. 
Acted as a correspondent on the zombie-themed web show Woke Up Dead, produced by Sony.
These credentials are impressive, but there are other nonfiction aspects that keep Maberry's attention as well. Jonathan is a knowledgeable instructor and accomplished teacher of writing. Maberry lectures and teaches writing at conferences and seminars across the US.

Mr. Maberry reports that he also:
"...regularly visits local middle schools, high schools and colleges to talk about books, reading, publishing and the writing life...On the last Sunday of every month Jonathan hosts the Writers Coffeehouse, a free three-hour open-agenda networking and discussion session for writers of all genres and levels of skill. The event is held at the Barnes & Noble in Willow Grove Pennsylvania."
In addition:
"Jonathan has been a popular writing teacher and career counselor for writers for the last two decades. He teaches a highly regard series of classes and workshops including Write Your Novel in Nine Months, Act Like a Writer, Revise & Sell, Experimental Writing for Teens, and others. Many of his students have gone on to obtain representation and/or publish in short and novel-length fiction, magazine feature writing, nonfiction books, TV, film, and comics."

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