Zombie Author Kirk Allmond

Zombie Author Kirk Allmond

Kirk Allmond writes the "What Zombies Fear" series with Laura  Bretz

What Zombies Fear
Book One: A Father's Quest
Book Two: The Maxists
Book Three: The Gathering
Book Four: Fracture
Book Five: Declaration of War
Book Six: The Incarnation (due out in summer, 2013)

Kirk Allmond and Laura Bretz also write a monthly serial called Will of the Dead

Allmond has also written "The Farmer's Daughter," which will eventually become an entire series of short stories called "Victor Tookes Adventures."

About Kirk Allmond

Kirk Allmond was born in Michigan, grew up in Chicago, and moved to Roswell Georgia as a young man. He refers to himself as "the father of an amazing little boy" who was born in 2007.

Kirk Allmond's Zombie Preparedness Site illustrates his mission to "teach any who'll listen how to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse." As a guest on several major radio programs, Allmond has provided expert advice on zombie survival. His expertise has also been in demand at numerous conventions and two zombie themed movies.

Read Allmond's  personal blog about his life as a writer, father, survivalist and teacher. Visit What Zombies Fear on Facebook for information about the latest installments in the series

What Makes Kirk Allmond Unique?

Kirk Allmond's Zombie Preparedness Initiative is unique in that it connects zombie literature, survivalism, and a dash of humor. It seems to me that Allmond is providing a useful service with  wit and wisdom.

On the site, there's an article about creating a zombie plan, that really isn't about preparing for a zombie apocalypse. The article is a thoughtful and thorough discussion of what an ordinary person should learn about being prepared for any emergency or disaster.  Alongside this article are postings about gardening, weaponry and supplies.

Allmond doesn't write all the articles. The Advisory Board  oversees the content of the site. Many ideas are contributed by members of the large community of readers, who also participate in the discussion forums.

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