Zombie Author V.M. Zito

Zombie Author V. M. Zito

V.M. Zito is the author of
The Return Man

and the related shorter works:
Border Crossing
"Waiting Room"

About V. M. Zito

Vincent M. Zito lives in Connecticut with his wife and his daughter.  He works during the week at a New England ad agency, where he is the creative director. 

Zito also  writes a little about  the zombie genre, exploring some of the reasons behind our fascination with zombies. He's interested in how a fascination with the apocalypse might illustrate the powerlessness people are feeling right now. It's a thoughtful approach, shared by other writers as well.

On his blog, Zito also explores short horror fiction, comic books, and even lucid dreaming. His comments are well-organized and articulate. Most of his reveiws praise those same qualities in his fiction writing.

What Makes V. M. Zito Unique?

V.M. Zito has written a short taxonomy of zombie species.  In case you don't remember your high school Biology I class, the classification of living things into Order, Class, Family, Genus, and Species are part of the focus of a standard taxonomy. Zito put a fresh twist on this by considering zombies an independent genus/species.

In an ordinary taxonomy, we use those fancy Latinized names for ordinary plants and animals. Thus, human beings are referred to as Homo Sapiens sapiens (yes, "sapiens" is in there twice. But that's not important right now).  Zito, after considering the various types of zombies, developed a classification of  scientific names for a few varieties of shamblers.

His classification?

Zombi Voodooicus (Voodoo created), Zombi Romeros (classic),  Zombi Sprintus (can run),  Zombi Speechifysis (can talk), Zombi Twentyeightus (still kind of alive),  Zombi Supersmartus (the thinking zombie) and, of course Zombi What-the-effus (has skills that make readers go WTF?).  

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