Distance IV, By Gareth Wood

As a general rule, author flashes are limited to six per year.  Gareth Wood has pioneered a new approach.  Wood created six author flashes that build to tell a single story. I suppose it's more like a piece of serial fiction in 55-word increments. The final three installments will run this week. I'll post the complete series as one post next week.

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Gareth Wood

Shaking off the corpse, she rushed to meet the other. Axe raised high, she swung with aching shoulders, struck the jaw of the dead woman.

Teeth and rotted flesh burst to the side, spraying the earth.Bony hands reached forward, clutching in desperate need and unending hunger.

The axe crashed down, shattering skull and brain.

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Gareth Wood is the author of the zombie novels:

Age of the Dead

Wood posts regularly on his Facebook page. Keep up with his latest releases and learn more of the backstory to his books.

Intriguingly, Gareth Wood is one of the few zombie authors who was published in Spain before he was ever published in English. This fact is made more interesting because Wood is a resident of CANADA, and doesn't speak a word of Spanish.

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