Zombie Author Keith C. Blackmore

Zombie Author Keith C. Blackmore

Keith C. Blackmore is the author of  the Mountain Man series of zombie books:
 Mountain Man

"The Hospital" is also found in the short fiction collection Cauldron Gristle

About Keith C. Blackmore

Keith C. Blackmore is a Canadian native who lives in Newfoundland. His favorite writers are Stephen King, Robert McCammon, Robert E Howard, David Gemmell, Haruki Murakami, and Alan Dean Foster.  The love of horror, and inspiration to write, came early:
"I remember reading Dracula at around twelve or thirteen, and that lead to me picking up the Nightshift collection of short stories by Stephen King. Movies were hard to come by in my hometown, so I would read a lot of movie adaptations, and a lot of them were written by Alan Dean Foster, who quickly became a favourite of mine. Anything that was in comics, print, or on the screen was a source of inspiration ."
Blackmore enjoys exercise, especially walking and mountain biking. He finds both activities to be good ways to break writer's block and keep his head clear for new stories. He keeps a regular schedule for his writing:
"...Get up at around 7am, go through the morning routine, take a walk, get at the PC around 9 and try to hammer out at least 1500 words by 4 or 5 pm. On good days I get around 4000. On great days, I reach 5000. Weekends are off."
Visit Keith C. Blackmores' website where he posts regularly about his writing ventures.

What Makes Keith Blackmore Unique?

Known for his heroic fantasy and horror novels, Keith C. Blackmore was pleasantly surprised to find there were many fans for his Moutain Man series of zombie novel.
" [I]Always had a zombie story in mind,--very much influenced by Richard Matheson's "I am Legend" (though that one was with vampires).  Didn't realize MM would sell as well as it did, but I'm grateful for folks giving it a chance."
Folks have done more than given it a chance. Readers genuinely enjoy the series. Two notable reviews seem to sum up the general tone of readers' opinions. Most of them are enthralled by the story. They don;t want to stop reading, and after they do, the story seems to stay with them in their imaginations.
SFbook.com says: “The prose is just so easy to read and the dialogue engaging that I found myself reading two thirds of the book in one evening and even then reluctantly stopped to sleep.”  
The Aussie Zombie claims: “If you like zombies, off-the-wall characters and a good balanced story, I highly recommend Mountain Man – this one will be sticking with me for a long time.” 

Blackmore reports that "Some folks have written and asked about a MM4, and I flip flop on the question, which tells me I’m still not ready to do another zombie book… but I am making notes."

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