Zombie Author Scott M. Baker

Zombie Author Scott M. Baker

Scott M. Baker is the author of
Rotter World
Rotter World II  is set for publication in early 2014.

Baker has also written:
Dead Water (a novella)
“Last Flight of the Bismarck” in Machina Mortis: Steampunk’d Tales of Terror

“The Hunger” in Hunger Pangs: Dark Confessions

“Is Anyone Out There?” in Emails of the Dead

“Deck the Malls with Bowels of Holly” in Christmas Is Dead

“Cruise of the Living Dead” in Dead Worlds: Undead Stories Volume 3

“Rednecks Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things” in issue #4 of the ezine Necrotic Tissue

About Scott M. Baker

Scott Baker served in the CIA for 23 years. He spent much of his time there working on North Korea and Iran accounts. Although he cannot, for obvious reasons, share his experiences in that line of work, his career helped to shape his writing and his development of conflict and characterization.

Baker is now retired and living in Gainesville, Florida with his fiancee, author Alison Beightol.Their household includes her daughter, three house rabbits, and two boxers. Baker was born and raised just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

His first zombie book, Rotter World, was published by Permuted Press in 2012. Baker summarizes it this way:
"In Rotter World, vampires release the Revenant Virus against mankind hoping to distract humans from hunting down them down, only to discover that zombies feed on the undead as well as the living. Both species are nearly wiped out. Two small groups of humans and vampires agree to set aside their hatred to band together if they hope to survive."
Baker keeps a blog that updates his readers on his newest work and adventures. He recently hosted a giveaway for several anthologies that contain his work.

What Makes Scott M. Baker Unique?

Scott Baker spent two summers as a tour guide at the Essex Institute in Salem, Massachusetts. He says: "I’m a history teacher by training, and this gave me a great opportunity not only to practice my craft but to meet people." He also spent nine months working as an exterminator. That job definitely helped his horror writing. "You could a good sense of the creepy when you clean out the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant of ten thousand cockroaches.

Mr. Baker enjoys traveling, and often uses the locations in his novels:
"I’ve traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia and, to a lesser extent, the Middle East. A lot of times, the locations wind up as scenes in my novels. This fall, my fiancee and I are planning to travel to Wewelsburg Castle in Germany, where the SS had set up their occult headquarters. Part of this trip is as research for my upcoming series about OSS officers in World War II battling the Nazi occultists.
Between his travel and his former jobs, Scott M. Baker has a unique ability to connect with people and the past. Those connections likely help him illustrate some of the darker corners and hidden horrors of history.

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