Zombie Author William Esmont

Zombie Author William Esmont

William Esmont is the author of the Elements of the Undead series of zombie books:

Elements of the Undead: Fire

Elements of the Undead: Air

Elements of the Undead: Earth

Elements of the Undead Omnibus

Book #4 is due out in the Fall of 2013. The working title is Ice.

William Esmont also has two short zombie works available online:
"The Last President" was published onWattPad in 2012.
"First Day" was published as part of Amanda Hocking's Zombiepalooza in 2010.

About William Esmont

William Esmont and his wife reside in Arizona. They have two Great Danes.

William Esmont has been an avid reader all his life.  The fascination with zombies came a little later, when he was in junior high school. That was when he first saw the movie Dawn of the Dead.

Around the year 2000, William Esmont became interested in writing for others. Naturally, zombies began to take center stage in his work. 

As Esmont puts it, he:
"...spends his days trapped in a six by six cloth box, writing software to make corporate America just a little bit richer, and his nights, weekends, and holidays crafting the stories he wants to read."
In high school, William Esmont worked in a boat yard, refinishing wooden sailboat masts.  He likened the process to writing:
"The work was hot, tedious, and never-ending, but it taught me patience and respect for the medium. Unlike painting or applying polyurethane, varnishing requires a seemingly-infinite number of applications with hours of delicate wet sanding between each coat. It's only by slowing slowing down and losing yourself in the process that you have any hope of achieving the your goal, which if you do it right, is a work of art. Just like writing."
 Visit William Esmont's website to learn more about upcoming works and events.

What Makes William Esmont Unique?

William Esmont is very interested in cycling, having raced criteriums in high school and mountain bikes in college.

He's currently learning to ride a unicycle. Off Road.
"At the ripe old age of 43, I decided I wanted to try something new and challenging. Once I figure it out, I may even post a YouTube video. "
Yes. That's right. William Esmont can ride off-road on a unicycle.

Esmont promises to give an update on his progress very soon.


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