Where She Writes: Zombie Author Sue Edge

I was living in Cairns at the time I began writing Dead Tropics. It is a city hemmed by tropical jungles on one side and creamy beaches on the other. I had just celebrated my birthday and I was finally ready to tackle this project that had been lurking at the back of my mind for a long time. 

I sat down in my favourite chair in my lounge room, laptop on my lap, and looked out of the window at the lush, green hills and knew that I had to set this story in this lovely town. Where else could I fit in jungle, beaches, rivers, crocodiles and zombies!

I am most productive when I write in a beautiful, outdoor setting so I often sit on my back verandah or go to a park. I use an old, broken camping chair and the cat sits beside me if I'm writing on the back verandah. It's not much of a garden, more of a patchy green square but the sky is often a brilliant blue and beautiful parrots come to visit several times a day. It is all very inspiring.

After work, I usually write for a couple of hours in my bedroom. I work on the theory that if my family can't see me, they will let me write in peace. The theory seems to have some flaws...

Sue Edge is the author of Dead Tropics
which is published by Permuted Press