Zombie Author Chris Philbrook

Zombie Author Chris Philbrook

Chris Philbrook is the originator of the online phenomenon

Adrian's Undead Diary

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About Chris Philbrook

Chris Philbrook lives in New Hampshire, where he works full time while also doing all of the writing for his three substantial websites. Chris has a very sweet girlfriend who, he says, "..hasn't realized that he is a GIANT NERD." He also has a cat named Gilbert who has realized this fact, but loves him anyway. 

Philbrook's three websites include Tesser, Elmoryn and Adrian's Undead Diary. Both Tesser and Elmoryn are based on his prior experience as a game developer and writer. Philbrook is now the owner of his own game development company, Tier One Games LLC. Philbrook describes himself as
"an avid reader, writer, role player, miniatures game player, Magic player, video game player, and lazy athlete as well." Chris Philbrook is a member of the Horror Writers' Association.

Adrian's Undead Diary truly is, in many ways, a pioneer in the zombie genre.
"AUD is the behemoth zombie story set at the end of the world, and told through the eyes of Adrian Ring. AUD is a literary juggernaut, clocking in at well over 600,000 words, and spanning two years of time. It is perennially in the top five of online stories, and has a rabid fan base of over ten thousand readers."
AUD has links to outside stories and videos, a chatroom and message forum, and several types of premium content. Start at the home page to find just about everything there is to know.

What Makes Chris Philbrook Unique?

Early on, Chris Philbrook was inspired to write stories because of his gaming experience. As a Dungeon Master and Grand Master in high school, he was often requested to write the stories he created during D&D game sessions. This gave him some confidence to begin.
He continued in the gaming industry for several years before beginning to write on a semi-professional basis. That experience added a unique feature to his zombie tales:

I worked in the game development industry for a few years as well, which helped to guide how I write. I'm very organized now. When you make a game, everything needs to line up. Inconsistencies mean rules arguments, and arguments don't make for fun games. My stories as a result are complex, and have very few continuity errors. If you're curious, I worked primarily for WizKid Games, and had a great time."
Philbrook also notes that his English teachers were encouraging and inspiring. He gives a particular  note of gratitude to his high school English teacher, Mr. Knaeffler.

As for his reading experience, Chris Philbrook cites a number of influences on his work.
"Other authors have also influenced me. Max Brooks, Stephen King, Jon Maberry, HP Lovecraft, RA Salvatore, Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, Arthur C Clarke, George RR Martin, and so very many more. Every book I've read has contributed to my writing, for better or for worse."
All these influences, role-playing games, inspirational teachers, and avid reading, work together in Philbrook's writing. They combine to make him unique among zombie authors.

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