Zombie Author Chris Williams

Zombie Author Chris Williams

Chris Williams and his brother Patrick Williams are the authors of the zombie novel:

Dead Meat 

The sequel Dead Meat: The Remaining  will be published in 2014.

A third book is planned to complete the trilogy. 

The zombie novel began as a serial blog, and was later revised and published as a complete novel. Find out more of the history at the Dead Meat Novel website

About Chris Williams

Chris Williams is 34 years old.  He lives in North Carolina.  He is married to "a wife who is completely awesome...I'd be dead without her most likely." Mr. and Mrs. Williams have a young daughter. Their family also includes two dogs and two cats.

Chris Williams and his brother Patrick Williams write as a team. They didn't always work in face-to-face sessions.  Because of conflicting work schedules, there were times when Chris would organize and make drafts based on notes.  Patrick did most of the writing for the novel. The two would meet on each week on Sundays to polish and revise.They called those "Dexter Sundays."

That process continued during 2010. By early 2011,  Chris and Patrick would be able to work four nights out of the week. During this process, their blog and social media helped the two revise the novel multiple times. Readers gave feedback, the authors incorporated suggestions, and a new version would become available. The novel was picked up by Permuted Press, revised, and released as a complete print version in 2012.

Of his brother, Chris says:
"Basically, we have the same interests mostly and we get along. Patrick's really easy to work with most of the time. When in disagreement on an idea we can usually, within minutes, agree on something. Also he's my little brother."
Chris does remember a time when things were not so rosy.
"Patrick used to hate me when we were teenagers. He threatened my life on a daily basis. It's really weird. When we were little, we were really close. Then that happened and now that we are manly men we are close again. Just for the record. I didn't hate him back; I just annoyed him." 

Interesting Fact: The book Dead Meat never once uses the word "zombies" to describe the living dead. The characters refer to them as "Bees."

What Makes Chris Williams Unique?

Aside from the fact that they are brothers writing as a team, the manner in which Chris and Patrick Williams constructed Dead Meat is unique.

From the very start, the two writers knew what the ending would be.  Everything they created revolved around that. This strongly influenced the writing process.
"When you start with the conclusion, you have to constantly keep it in mind. Certain characters have to do certain things, but since we didn’t adhere to a strict outline, we were able to let the characters evolve throughout the narrative, changing scenes and ideas to meet the characters, not changing the characters to meet the scenes and ideas."
The Williams brothers kept the ending always in sight, while trying to maintain a realistic narrative that would engage readers. Although the ending was important, it was more important to create a strong combination of action and emotion. They set out to create a great story that would move toward the defined end. 
"To us, all that mattered really were the end, the realism, and the character development. It wasn’t the gore, which is fun to write, and it wasn’t the zombies (even though we don’t even use that word in the book); we found the story, the characters, and the way everything blended together fascinating."

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