Zombie Author Jason Kristopher

Zombie Author Jason Kristopher

Jason Kristopher is the author of the Dying of the Light zombie series:
The Dying of the Light: End
The Dying of the Light: Interval

The series also includes two short stories:

"Whatever Happened to Thomas J. Reynolds?"
"Outbreak One: Washington Territory."

Jason Kristopher is the owner of Grey Gecko Press

About Jason Kristopher

Jason Kristopher lived his early years in various locations in northern Texas and the Panhandle.  He settled in Colorado with his own family for almost two decades "soaking up the creative energy and enjoying the beautiful weather."  He then returned to Texas for what he terms "real" work.  Kristopher now lives just outside Houston.

Jason Kristopher enjoys watching movies, reading, and writing. He also likes "music (live and not), the Houston Astros (winning and not), singing karaoke and the Texas hill country, especially the vineyards."

Mr Kristopher is currently busy with his publishing company, Grey Gecko Press.  He is also finsidhing the final installment in the Dying of the Light series. 

Kristopher invites fans to follow his work at:
"The Fire in our Heads.com - It's my new blog, and I'll be showcasing works-in-progress, writing ideas, workshops and other really cool things in the days and months to come. Very excited about this."

What Makes Jason Kristopher Unique?

Jason Kristpher is both an authro and a publisher. This gives him a unique perspective on creative writing:
 "I'm not just an author, I'm a publisher, and run Grey Gecko Press. As an author, this gives me a unique insight into the publishing industry that most publishers don't have - and don't want!
Of all the jobs I've had, being an author and publisher is the best, by far. I love what I do - most days it doesn't feel like a job at all. The fact that I get paid to do it is just an awesome side-benefit. I'll be telling stories 'til the day I die - I've got over 150 more books in my head right now!"
His inspiration for some of  those 150 ideas comes from an interesting place:
"I wrote my zombie books because I've always been fascinated with not so much the end of the world, but rather the recovery from that horror. I find the human race to be generally inspiring, and exploring our ability - or failure! - to come back from the brink was something I always wanted to write."

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